Former WWE and ECW personality on the differences between working for both companies, whether hardcore wrestling has a place, thoughts on WWE being a PG product

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Sep 4, 2013 - 09:15 AM

PWMania Interview with Lou D'Angeli
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Thoughts on WWE being a PG product: "Well…I worked there so I know how important that rating is to retain sponsorships, etc…personally I think more edgy would be great however they are a business and for their business PG works."

Whether Hardcore Wrestling has a place on the world today: "Really if the brand is just hardcore it becomes boring quickly…like I said earlier you need a balance…you need to have a show with traditional angles, high spot guys, hardcore, the girls, and really good storylines…to me that is the recipe to at least get a good diverse product going…it was the formula for ECW and I think people forget that…ECW wasn’t always hardcore…it had a balance…every show was a balance and that’s why it worked."

Differences in the dynamic between ECW and WWE: "No comparison. Everything from the way the office was run to the booking to the travel to the schedules to the production to the atmosphere…everything was a polar opposite…"

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