Former TNA Knockout discuss the difficulty of getting into WWE, whether she feels their evaluation process is fair

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Jul 30, 2012 - 10:10 AM

The Fight Club Chicago interview with Christina Von Eerie
Host: Steven Muehlhausen
Interview available at

Von Eerie on the difficulty of getting into the WWE: "There's always someone that says you have the skill, maybe there's someone whose skinnier than you, or you have the look, but maybe their's someone younger than you that has the same look. For me, I have a bunch of tattoos. What if their's a girl that's smaller, younger, and has no tattoos? it's really a gamble or a lottery you never have a guaranteed chance. They can look at you and go, "Wow that person looks completely amazing, awesome" and then they see someone the next day that has just a little something extra, that little something. You won't even be able to name what it is. They just have it. Just the little fine things."

Is it fair: "I definitely think that a girl that's been training hard and working hard for years and years should get her payoff. It's also up to that girl to be in the best shape possible, look as good as possible, work on your mic skills, and I think that girl should get her shot. I don't think it's fair if you pick out a model and say, "Hey, you're signed."

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