Dot Net Interview: UK star Mark Haskins sets the record straight on his TNA injury, his current injury, pro wrestling goals

Jun 10, 2013 - 11:00 AM

Dot Net staffer Darren Gutteridge conducted the following interview with former TNA and current UK Independent star Mark Haskins, who appeared on the Fight Club Pro show in Wolverhampton, England, on May 24. For the latest on the company, follow them on Twitter - @fightclubpro.
Darren Gutteridge: You worked for several wrestling companies over this long weekend in the UK. Do you enjoy working for the wide variety of companies in this country now you're back home, working in different cities every night with different guys?
Mark Haskins: Yeah, absolutely. I'm really fortunate that I get to do something I love as a living and be able to travel as much as I do. There are a lot of talented guys in this country, and I'm not the only one who thinks that the UK is a hotbed for talent. Being able to compete on shows with guys who are as talented as they are is a real privilege.
DG: You injured your ankle at Southside Wrestling this past Saturday. What happened? Is it serious?
MH: I think I tweaked my ankle near the start of the match. It's hard to tell as you often get to the back with aches, pains, bumps and bruises that you have no idea how you ended up with them. Kris Travis and I fell to the outside of the ring after a suplex over the ropes and that's when it really started to hurt. It feels better already, I must have just twisted it, it just meant that I lost out on a show the following day. Years ago I might have tried to Wrestle the day after, but at this point of my career I'd rather take the time to heal up.
DG: In 2011 and 2012, you worked for TNA. How was the experience of going to America for you?
MH: It was a really eye opening time and a great chance to learn and further my name in the pro wrestling business. Having been a part of TV and pay-per-views in Japan, it was a learning experience to see how a larger American company films in comparison. Having the chance to speak to some of the biggest names in the history of this business was great as well, I learnt a lot.
DG: How disappointed are you with how it ended with TNA, after several months of inactivity due to your injury? Do you think a lack of ring time is what led to your departure?
MH: Well, for one, I was never injured. I suffered a minor concussion at the Wembley Arena tapings when a Shooting Star Press went wrong. It was reported I'd injured my neck which couldn't be further from the truth, I was fine. I was back to wrestling on live events through the UK just days later. How my departure with TNA came about was really due to the timing of life events. My fiancé and I were pregnant with our first child which is what lead to me trying to renegotiate my contract to relocate to America. There was a delay with the negotiations which, by the time the contract had been signed, was too close to our due date for us to relocate. As the United States had certain laws on child birth, it would have been illegal for our son to be born in America, hence why I had to stay home as I wasn't prepared to miss his birth. I told those in charge a suggested date that I would relocate by and I was then informed that I would be released from my contract as they couldn't hold my contract for that length of time. Two days after I'd been informed of my release, British Bootcamp was announced. Of course I'm gutted that I didn't go further there, make a bigger name for myself or still remain there now, but I feel like what I learnt is so valuable to how I do certain things now. 
DG: Is your ultimate goal to move back to America and work for a major company, or are you more than happy to work in the UK and be at home with your son? 
MH: My goal is to be as successful as possible in the professional wrestling business. If the opportunity to sign for a major promotion abroad were to arise then I'd love to. However, my family are my main priority.
DG: You also worked for Dragon Gate in Japan recently. Did you suffer a culture shock over there?
MH: Definitely. The time I spent in Japan was a huge learning experience, professionally and personally. Any foreign country I had been to before was in Europe, where a large percentage of people can speak English and in some places, certain words are similar. In Japan, the language is totally different and at times it felt like almost no one spoke English, unless they were part of the Dragon Gate roster. It was great though, seeing the sights, traveling the roads, learning about Japan's history, etc. I loved my time out there. 
DG: Did you enjoy adapting your style to work in both America and Japan, or did you try to stick as close to your British wrestling style as possible?
MH: Wrestling can be confusing at times. Sometimes you try to adapt to a certain style while still applying something different, while adding other styles that you learn along the way. I guess it just becomes a huge hybrid mix of variety.
DG: I saw you wrestle for the Fight Club Pro promotion in Wolverhampton this past Friday, and you caught some stick from the fans for having gone to America and returned. You seemed to relish it, even touting your philosophy of 'Screw Indy Wrestling' because you're "A Pro" with your t-shirt (Of which I am now a proud owner!). Does it affect you, or do you enjoy the 'banter'? 
MH: I have great fun in being an antagonist, that's generally how I am in life. Some crowd's are more creative with what they chant than others. However, if all you have to shout at me is that I once competed for one of the biggest wrestling companies in the World, where I fought a former World Champion on TV shown through out numerous countries, for one of their top titles, then I really don't see that as an insult. If the fans at Fight Club Pro think shouting my past accomplishments is an insult, then they're even more stupid than they look, and bare in mind they're from Wolverhampton - that's a very scummy inbred version of stupid. 
DG: Where can your fans see you next, injury permitting? 
MH: is the best place to check out my schedule. You can also find out where I am as I usually post it on my Facebook page or on my Twitter account which is @Mark_Haskins Safe!

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