Dallas Page recalls telling The Rock who the one People's Champion is, comments on his reputation as a shameless self promoter, Michael Hayes, Eric Bischoff, and Chris Kanyon

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Jan 15, 2014 - 03:21 PM

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On his reputation as a self-promoter: "People called me the shameless self-promoter. Every single successful entertainer is a shameless promoter, because that's how you get people to pay attention. And so many guys try to put a negative connotation. I'm like "You have no idea what you're talking about", and a lot of the people who have that negative connotation are guys that never got over."
On Michael Hayes: "If MIchael P.S. Hayes today was 27 years old, you wouldn't know who any other wrestlers were. because he would swallow up it all."
On Eric Bischoff: "Bischoff was a genius. He could be an asshole at times. I had an amazing relationship with him. We don't even talk today, which is so f---ed up to me, and it's his fault, because he sucks on the phone. We don't even have a relationship anything like we had, but at the time, it was a real relationship... (Now) he doesn't even return a phone call, which is so obnoxious."
On Chris Kanyon's bipolar disorder: "I never even knew that was where his head was at. I knew he was bummed out about certain s---. but I didn't know until the end. Once he started going down, he went way down. He tried to kill himself a couple of times, and I knew about it. He told me. So, when he finally died, for him, he was in a better place."
On why things went wrong for him in WWE: "I let Vince talk me into the stalker thing, because I thought, well, they know it's gonna work. Well, if they want it to work! I should have gotten up from the table, and shook Shane's hand and shook Vince's hand, and thanked them for the opportunity, but said, 'That's not for me. When you're ready to do People's Champion vs People's Champion let me know.'"
On his first meeting with The Rock, when Big Show introduced them: "I was the guy, and he was on that rocket. He wasn't The Rock yet, but he was on his way there. I said, 'I saw your interview, and I thought it was really entertaining. I wanna wish you all the luck in the world in your career.' So now I'm leaving, and right before I get to the door I hear, 'Hey Diamond,' and I turn around and as Big Show gets out of my way I see The Rock, wearing his $1,600 Versace shirt, and I could see him fall into character. He said, 'Ya know, there's only one People's Champion,' and Big Show's like 'Whoa! Oh, man!,' and I'm just stood there. I looked at him. I said, 'You know Rock, you're right, and you my friend, you're looking at him.' And Big Show's 'Oh my god you stuffed him! Nobody does that to him!'

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