Colt Cabana reveals what he knew about WWE star C.M. Punk's Pipe Bomb promo in advance

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Jun 10, 2013 - 09:42 AM

Independent pro wrestling star Colt Cabana took part in a Reddit Q&A on Sunday night and was asked whether he knew about WWE star C.M. Punk's Pipe Bomb promo beforehand. "I knew he had a live mic and was gonna say whatever he wanted to," Cabana responded.

"When he waved to me, I just kinda paused and had a HUGE SMILE on my face. I was more proud of him for doing the promo then thinking about him saying my name though." Read the full Q&A at

Powell's POV: Cabana was also guessed what Matt Classic looks like under the mask and Classic road stories, favorite opponents, the Chikara situation, seeing a wrestler shoot up in the locker room, his favorite pro wrestling related DVD (other than his own Road Diaries DVD), and what he would do if he were a member of the WWE creative team. It's a fun read. Thanks to Dot Net reader Thomas McCaulla for passing it along.

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