Colt Cabana & Friends comedy show review: Dot Net reader gives feedback on Cabana's London show

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Oct 21, 2013 - 05:21 PM

Dot Net reader Robin Barker attended the "Colt Cabana & Friends Hang Out And Provide Commentary On Bad Wrestling Matches" show at the Comedy Cafe in London, England and sent the following review.

Colt Cabana brought his version of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 to London's trendy Shoreditch tonight. Armed with a laptop full of botches, bloopers, and just plain bad wrestling, he fought through poor lighting and sound problems to deliver a fun evening of in-jokes and asides to a near capacity 80 fans in attendance.

It was his partners, comedy tag team 'I Am The Tag Team Champions' (Chris Brooker & Billy Kirkwood), who provided the best belly laughs of the night with their opening "spots," but the crowd were clearly there to be charmed by Cabana. The show followed a similar arch to times with friends when you grab the laptop to show everyone your favourite YouTube clips; generally it starts funny and ends up resorting to videos of drunk cats (or in this case, a wrestler dressed as baby chimpanzee getting drop kicked).

However, despite it's lack of pace in the second half, it was hard to not leave smiling and for the price of a cinema ticket you got ninety minutes of amusement with 'Battlecat' and an the obscene Randy Orton segment being particular highlights. Would I recommend? Yes! Yes! Yes!

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