Book endorsed by WWE Hall of Famer now available free to everyone

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Jun 5, 2013 - 11:37 AM

The following press release was sent by author Paul O'Brien to promote his Blood Red Turns Dollar Green books.

"There's only two great wresting novels out there - and Paul O'Brien has written them both." - WWE Legend, Mick Foley. 

To celebrate the recent launch of Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 2 - the original novel in the series, Blood Red Turns Dollar Green, is now completely free to you, the worldwide wrestling fan, for one whole month! Take it with you on vacation or read it while waiting for Raw or Impact. 

Tell your friends and fellow wrestling nerds who might also be interested. This is free, like no strings attached free. That's right, you get the first Blood Red Turns Dollar Green novel for absolutely nothing. Just for being a fan. 

All you have to do is head here.

But don't forget your coupon: nofanleftbehind

This coupon gets you Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 1 at a complete 100% discount. Just select the novel, go to the checkout, type in your coupon, and press the 'check' button.

And that's it. A free, bestselling, Mick Foley endorsed wrestling novel, just like that. 

Come and find out why the WWE Hardcore Legend has only ever officially endorsed two books outside his own - both in the Blood Red Turns Dollar Green series. And when you're done, please feel free to check out the newly released second book in the series, Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 2.

Enjoy! And please spread the word. We want no fan left behind.

Blood Red Turns Dollar Green is a crime novel set in the 70s pro wrestling territory days. It follows the fortunes of two different wrestling promoters as they struggle to get to the top of their secretive and backhanded business. Full of twists and turns, it is a fast paced story about wrestling, money, a giant and a lost foot.

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