11/23 OVW TV taping: Full results of the taping for Saturday's television show

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Nov 24, 2011 - 02:33 PM

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping
Louisville, Ky.
Show to air November 26 on
Report courtesy of Jason Saint

Dark Matches

1. Raul LaMotta defeated Mysterie by pinfall following the CurbStomp.

2. Brandon Espinosa defeated Elvis Pridemoore by pinfall following the Comb Over (straightjacket-complete shot).

3. Holly Blossom (with Hannah Blossom) defeated Lady JoJo by pinfall following a cradle facebuster.

Paredyse came out to thank the crowd for coming out to Thanksgiving Thunder. He then wished long-time OVW fan Donna a happy birthday, and sealed it with a kiss.

TV Taping

A replay was shown from last week of Rudy Switchblade giving Jamin Olivencia a piledriver on a steel chair. The crowd seemed very still for this.

1. Shiloh Jonze and "Smooth" Johnny Spade defeated Rocco Bellagio and James "Moose" Thomas (with Christopher Bolin) by pinfall following a double superkick to Moose. During the match, Raul LaMotta came out and stole Chris Bolin's cell phone, causing Rocco and Bolin to chase him out of the arena.

Backstage, Trailer Park Trash was shown speaking of his new role as OVW Director Of Operations. He said all St. Therese's Gym shows would be $5, and the next Colgate Gym show in Charlestown, IN would have the finals of the "Holiday Havoc" tournament, set to start next week. When he was called off screen by someone, Adam Revolver came in and found Trash's folder, titled "TV Title Contracts". Adam opened it, signed one, then walked off camera.

Michael Hayes was shown for an E-Town promo, stating he was getting his first shot at the OVW Heavyweight Title at the show tonight (this Saturday).

2. Christopher Silvio (with Mo Green) defeated Dave Osborne by pinfall following the Rocket Punch.

Backstage, Silvio was shown doing curls with a weight while a group of the OVW Femme Fatales checked him out. Benny Bray walked up and read the ingredients of a bottle as being an "anti-itch ointment for breakouts", and that it was prescribed to Christopher Silvio. The ladies left, and Silvio tried to explain to Mo that it wasn't his. Mo simply replied "Daaaaaamn!"

3. OVW Television and Southern Tag Team Champion Adam Revolver defeated Dylan Bostic by pinfall following the Russian Leg Sweep to retain the OVW Television Championship.

Immediately following Revolver/Bostic, Randy Terrez came out to the ring to speak about Jamin Olivencia, and to call Rudy Switchblade out. Switchblade came out with Christian Mascagni and both talked down to Terrez. Terrez informed them both that he was the new Number One Contender for the OVW Heavyweight Championship at the December 3rd Saturday Night Special. Mascagni insisted it wasn't true, and Rudy attacked him from behind. When they attempted to leave, Mascagni stayed on the mic, yelling that he called the shots. Trailer Park Trash came out and said it sounded good to him, then asked the crowd if they wanted to see it. The crowd responded, so Trash made the match for right then and there.

4. Randy Terrez defeated OVW Heavyweight Champion Rudy Switchblade (with Christian Mascagni) by disqualification when Mascagni interfered with a pin. During the match, the TV time expired, but the match continued. Referee Chris Sharpe ejected Mascagni, which the crowd loved, but he ultimately came back out and interfered, causing Rudy to lose via DQ. The title didn't change hands, as a result.

Dark Match

1. Jason Wayne and Michael Hayes defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez and James Onno by pinfall following Jason Wayne giving Jimbo the Full Nelson Slam.

Biggest Pops:
Chris Sharpe ejecting Christian Mascagni
Michael Hayes
"Smooth" Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze

Most Heat:
Rudy Switchblade and Christian Mascagni
Randy Terrez not becoming OVW Heavyweight Champion because of the DQ
Brandon Espinosa

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December 1st: OVW House Show in Jackson, Kentucky at the Jackson National Guard Armory.
December 3rd: OVW Saturday Night Special in Louisville, Kentucky at the Davis Arena.
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