11/16 OVW TV taping results: Full results of the taping for the November 19 television show

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Nov 17, 2011 - 08:40 AM

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping
Louisville, Ky.
Report by Jason Saint

Dark Matches

1. Paredyse defeated James Onnoo by pinfall with the sunset flip/Thumbs Up.

2. Christopher Silvio defeated Daniel Pruehs (pronounced like "Pruce") by submission with a crossface.

3. James "Moose" Thomas and Rocco Bellagio (with Christopher Bolin) defeated Dylan Bostic and Elvis Pridemoore by pinfall following the Moose Kick.

TV Taping

The taping started off with a clip of Mike Mondo getting hanged by OVW Heavyweight Champion Rudy Switchblade, with help from Christian Mascagni, from last Saturday's SNS event.

Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey addressed the TV audience by letting them know that Mike Mondo's condition was slowly improving. Rudy and Mascagni came out, reminded the audience that Mondo, months prior, had cracked Danny Davis with brass knuckles, and said into the camera "Danny Davis, you're welcome." Afterward, they went to leave and Gilbert got in the ring to talk to Rudy. Rudy started to reply but got distracted by OVW ring announcer Brittany DeVore at ringside, who was just sitting there, watching.

Rudy got out of the ring and started picking on her while Brittany backed off, slowly. A few goons came from the back to stop Rudy, who slugged them all off. Then came referees, who Rudy again ignored and kept yelling at Brittany. Finally, Ted McNaler, Jason Wayne, Randy Terrez, and Jamin Olivencia came out to stop Rudy. Once everyone was leaving, Jamin had his back turned and Rudy hit him in the back of the head with his championship belt.

1. Brandon Espinosa defeated Ace Hawkins by pinfall following a facebuster. The way that Espinosa pinned Hawkins was... a little awkward. It looked like a teabag.

Backstage, Jamin Olivencia was shown, visibly angry. Jamin calmed himself down, stating that he wasn't going to yell, but he would leave Rudy laid out in the ring.

2. OVW Women's Champion Taeler Hendrix and the Blossom Twins defeated Epiphany, Taryn Shay, and Lady JoJo by Taeler's SplitKick. During the match, Benny Bray came out to read Taryn Shay's diary to the live crowd, reading an embarrassing story about how Taryn apparently had "that time of the month" all over her jeans in public. Taryn chased him off, and then JoJo smarted off to Epiphany, who left JoJo to fend for herself, leading to her downfall.

Backstage, Ted McNaler has brought Lennox Norris and Adam Revolver together to speak about Raphael's car issues, which apparently have kept him from the arena. Ted seemed to be blaming Adam until Lennox slipped up and said that Raphael's tires were slashed, which led to Ted stating that he never said anything about tires. Lennox caught himself, and Ted told him that he had planned on giving Lennox and Raph a rematch for the belts, but he'd changed his mind. Lennox left, promising that he would change, and Ted apologized. Revolver said it was alright, but he had to get ready for his TV title match. McNaler looked confused.

Backstage, Tony Gunn approached "Sexy" Sean Casey and asked if he would team with him against Spade and Shiloh at the next SNS. Casey seemed reluctant at first, but when Tony gave him a pre-loaded debit card and some money, he agreed. Behind them, Espinosa exclaimed "what the hell?" and walked into his locker room, which was decorated with posters of Taylor Lautner and Justin Beiber, with the words "I'M HERE, I'M QUEER, GET USED TO IT." Espinosa was pissed.

3. Jason Wayne defeated Joe Coleman by pinfall following the Full Nelson Slam. Wayne seemed reluctant at first, because Joe is usually a good guy, but when Coleman yelled "I'm gonna make a name for myself" and shoved him, Wayne re-acted accordingly. Afterward, he took the mic and spoke to Dinsmore, saying that he wasn't going anywhere until he was able to defeat him.

4. Adam Revolver defeated OVW Television Champion Alex Silva to become the NEW OVW Television Champion by pinfall following the Russian Leg Sweep. After the match, the two shook hands.

Backstage, Christopher Bolin reminded Rocco and Moose that Raul LaMotta cost both of them championships at the SNS, and that he wanted them to find Raul. When they left, Trailer Park Trash approached Bolin to tell him that, since he was the new commissioner in charge at OVW, he was booking Raul vs. a member of Bolin Servies at the Colgate Gym in Charlestown, Indiana (this Saturday). After this was stated, Rocco ran into the room and yelled that Raul was stealing Bolin's car and that Moose was on the hood. Bolin and Rocco ran out of the room.

5. Jamin Olivencia defeated OVW Heavyweight Champion Rudy Switchblade (with Christian Mascagni) by disqualification when Rudy hit Jamin with the OVW Heavyweight Championship belt. After the match, Rudy moved the floor mats, laid a chair down, and gave Jamin a piledriver onto it. Jamin was completely knocked out. Rudy and Christian just left.

Dark Matches

1. Raul LaMotta defeated Dave Osbourne by pinfall following the Curb Stomp.

2. Randy Terrez defeated Ali Vaez by pinfall following the One-Winged Angel Driver.

Upcoming Event: OVW at the Colgate Gym in Charlestown, Indiana. Tickets are $12 for adults and $7 for kids at the door. Doors open at 6:30, belltime is 7:30!

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