WSU "Breaking Barriers 2" online pay-per-view results: Former WWE Diva Melina returns to the ring, injured former WWE Diva Serena discusses her future, women's War Games main event

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Nov 21, 2011 - 12:35 PM

11/19 WSU "Breaking Barriers" online pay-per-view
Deer Park, N.Y.
Replay available at GFL.TV for $14.99.

1. The Boston Shore (Amber and Lexus) defeated The International Home Wrecking Crew (Rain and Jetta) to retain the WSU Tag Team Titles
2. Jennifer Cruz defeated Niya in a Loser-Leaves-WSU match. After the match, Cruz boasted that she could take out anyone on the roster, leading to...
3. April Hunter beat Jennifer Cruz. After the match, April Hunter said while she is a Hall of Famer, she isn't done yet and it was her goal to win a championship in WSU.
4. Nikki Syx defeated Violet, Gabby Gilbert and Jessie Brooks in a 4-Way Elimination Match to retain the NYWC Starlet Championship. This match originally was supposed to include Barbie and Monique, both who pulled off the show last minute due to personal issues.
5. The Soul Sisters (Jana and Latasha) over The Belle Saints (Marti Belle and Tina San Antonio) to become number 1 contenders to the WSU Tag Team Championship. After the match, it was revealed that Tina San Antonio faked her attack/injury in March, as she bailed on her partner Marti Belle for a WWE Try-Out. What looked to be a reconciliation turned violent and nasty as Tina choked out her now former partner, Marti Belle. Tina later challenged Marti to a match at the WSU 5 Year Anniversary Show.
6. Becky Bayless defeated Rick Cataldo after a rude awakening.
Serena Deeb addressed the crowd to talk about her recent health issues. There is no time-table for her return and it is not definite if she will ever return.
WSU Commissioner Amy Lee announced that due to Serena's injury she had to find an opponent for Melina. Amy Lee chose Lexus.
7. Melina defeated Lexus. Lexus' tag team partner Amber tried to interfere in the match, only for Serena to come out and grab a chair from Amber. Melina was able to regroup and pin Lexus for her first Post-WWE win. After the match, The Boston Shore jumped Melina. Rain came out to fight the Boston Shore, and Rain/Serena/Melina were all united in the ring.
Serena was shown knocked out and not breathing, laying on the locker room floor. It was revealed that Lexus attacked her in the back of her head with a steel chair. Lexus was fuming and screaming that Serena cost Lexus her match with Melina.
It was also announced that Dixie Carter, Cindy Rogers, Jana and Georgianne Makropoulous would be inducted into the WSU Hall of Fame on 3/3/12.
8. The Mid-West Militia (WSU Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok, Sassy Stephanie, Allisyn Kay) defeated Team WSU (WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez, Alicia, Brittney Savage) in a War Games match.

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