Shane Douglas calls TNA's Dixie Carter a "billionaire bimbo," former WWE Diva appears, Finlay vs. Al Snow, New Age Outlaws, Kid Kash vs. Stevie Richards, former WWE stars advertised for next show

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Nov 7, 2011 - 10:00 AM

Crossfire at Nashville Fairgrounds
Nashville, Tenn.
Report By Dot Net reader Josh Ragan

The main show opened with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas. He cut a seething promo accusing Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff of "killing pro wrestling" so they did things their way in Philly. He said Dixie Carter was a "billionaire bimbo" which got a good reaction. He said TNA turned their backs to the fans in Nashville when they moved to orlando. He said Crossfire would start a revolution in wrestling. Good promo from Douglas to fire up the crowd.

1. The Moxxox Brothers beat 7oh4. The Maddox boys are apparently heels now. Not sure when that happened. Lots of fast paced action and 7oh4 looked like future stars. Finish saw a ref bump and a Maddox holding the tights for the win. Good opener.

2. Wolfie D beat Arrick Andrews. 
Good reaction to Wolfie from the hometown crowd. Andrews got in lots of offense and Wolfie was bumping hard outside. Back in the ring, Andrews tried to use a chair but was thwarted by Bubba Perry, and Wolfie got the win with a neck breaker.

After the match Shane Douglas came out to announce that Andrews would face Perry on Jan. 14th with guest referee Mick Foley! The crowd ate that up.

Maria came out to announce that she's going to bring women's wrestling to Crossfire at the next show. This brought out "King" Shane Williams with Becky Bayless. Williams was backing Maria into the corner when Chase Stevens came out to a big pop.

3. Chase Stevens beat Shane Williams. I considered to be the best match of the night. These two can really go.

Brian Christopher came out to promote his CD release. Seriously. Wolfie D came out to congratulate him and to join in the party. Wolfie started in on a beatdown and an impromptu match was started.

4. Brian Christopher (a/k/a Brian Lawler) defeated Wolfie D. Wolfie dominated most of the match. After exchanging back and forth finishers BC got the win via a rollup. Wolfie instantly got his heat back by hitting BC with a chair. Derrick King was originally advertised for the match, not sure why he wasn't there. Good match though, Christopher was super over as usual with the Nashville crowd.

5. Hammerjack beat 2 Tuff Tony in a no DQ match. This one was a wild brawl that went all over the arena with a mob of fans following along. These guys pulled out all the stops. At one point Hammer set up a cinder block between Tony's legs and bashed it with a sledge hammer. Hammer ended up with the win but Tony did his spot where he lights his fist on fire with vodka and punched Hammer to get his heat back. Damn good hardcore brawl that had everyone on their feet.

6. Kid Kash beat Stevie Richards. The story as usual here was Kash's off the charts heel heat. He really knows how to piss off a crowd. People constantly try to get at him. Throwing beer, water, etc. Kash isn't afraid to try and jump the rails to get after them either. Stevie was selling the leg hard and after a sort of botched ref bump Kash won with a leg sweep. Security escorted Kash to the back. Kash is pure gold when it comes to being the bad ass heel. Stevie looked to be in awesome shape and they had a good match despite all of Kash's antics with the crowd.

7. New Age Outlaws beat Diamonds in the Rough. Huge reaction here for the NAO intro. Lots of the usual comedy stuff from the Outlaws here. DIR controlled most of the match beating up on Road Dogg. Billy finally got the hot tag from Road Dogg and hit the Fameasser for the win. The crowd ate this up as well. For a guy who's 48 yrs old, Billy was absolutely jacked.

8. Finlay beat Al Snow. The match started with basic chain wrestling. Finlay controlled the pace most of the way through the match. The finish saw (yet another) ref bump, Snow Plow, and as Snow was about to use Head, Rudy Charles grabbed Head. Finlay whacked Snow with the shillelagh to get the win. The crowd wasn't nearly as into this one, as I assumed everyone was pretty blown out. Good traditional wrestling match from two solid veterans.

Announced for the next show Jan 14th: Foley, Chris Masters, Carlito, and Rhino. Crossfire is really hitting their stride with these fairgrounds shows. If I had to guess I'd say the crowd was around the 400-500 area and were hot all night until the very end. I'd highly recommend to anyone attending one of their shows as they get better every time.

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