OVW in Charlestown, Ind. results: Rudy Switchblade vs. Jason Wayne in a best of three falls match for the OVW Title, Lennox Norris vs. Raul LaMotta in an I Quit match, women's triple threat match

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Nov 21, 2011 - 09:11 AM

11/19 Ohio Valley Wrestling
Charlestown, Indiana at Colgate Gym
Report by Jason Saint

OVW ring announcer Terry Boddie introduced his "one night only partner" Paredyse. Paredyse came out to the ring to explain the "Lethal Lottery". He said that each match would be contested under lottery rules. Christian Mascagni came out with the OVW Heavyweight Champion, Rudy Switchblade. Mascagni said he refused to allow his champ to have some random wrestler come out and wrestle Rudy for the title.

Paredyse informed him that the matches would be contested under whichever rules were drawn from the bucket. He also informed Mascagni that Rudy would be facing Jason Wayne for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Mascagni drew from the bucket and claimed to get a 3-on-1 Handicap match. He left to find Rudy a pair of partners, but he dropped the slip. Paredyse picked it up and read the drawing to Mascagni and Rudy, that instead, it would later be a 2 Out Of 3 Falls match. Rudy and Mascagni were livid.

1. Jacked and Tan (Mohamad Ali Vaez and Christopher Silvio) (w/Mo Green) defeated Mike Hayes and Benny Bray by pinfall. The finish came after Mo Green attacked Bray while the ref was trying to follow Ali and Hayes around the ring. The match started off as Vaez vs. Bray, but Vaez drew "Tag Team Match" from the bucket.

2. OVW Women's Champion Taeler Hendrix defeated Lady JoJo and Holly Blossom in a Triple Threat. Hendrix won by pinfall after giving the SplitKick to JoJo.

3. Randy Terrez, Joe Coleman, Dave Osborne, Andrew Patton, Elvis Pridemoore, and Dylan Bostic defeated Randy Royal, The Assassin, Tony Gunn, Mysterie, "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, and Brandon Espinosa. Randy Terrez pinned Randy Royal following the One-Winged Angel Driver. This match was a "Lucha Libre Rules" match, which meant tags weren't necessary and that there was a 20-second count to anyone who went outside the ring.

4. Raul LaMotta defeated Lennox Norris (with Christopher Bolin) in an "I Quit" match. LaMotta trapped Lennox in a rear-chin lock for the win. Before the match, Trailer Park Trash told Christopher Bolin that he wanted a member of Bolin Services 2.0 in there with LaMotta. Bolin argued that he had signed Lennox to a "one night contract". Trash allowed it, but told him that, if Lennox lost, then Bolin himself would be in the ring at the next Colgate show.

5. OVW Television and Southern Tag Team Champion Adam Revolver defeated Tony Gunn (with "Smooth" Johnny Spade). Revolver won by pinfall after Tony Gunn ran out to the ring and clocked Shiloh over the head with the loaded bear. This match was a Blindfold Match.

6. OVW Heavyweight Champion Rudy Switchblade (with Christian Mascagni) defeated Jason Wayne in a best of three falls match. Rudy kicked Jason below the belt to get Wayne the first win via DQ. Rudy scored a pin directly after, giving himself the second victory. Rudy scored the third fall after hitting Wayne over the head with the OVW Heavyweight Championship belt while Mascagni had the ref distracted. Trailer Park Trash insisted the match go on and ordered Mascagni to the back. Later, Mascagni came out, causing Trash to chase him off. When he did, Rudy got the pin by holding himself up on the ropes to retain the OVW Heavyweight Championship and win the match in the third fall.

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