OVW TV taping spoilers: Mike Mondo vs. Christian Mascagni, WWE star Evan Bourne's brother Mike Sydal challenges Christopher Silvio for the OVW TV Title (spoilers)

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Dec 31, 2011 - 10:55 AM

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Taping Spoilers
Taped on December 28, to air on December 31
Report by Jason Saint

Dark Matches

1. Brandon Espinosa defeated Dylan Bostic by pinfall following the Comb Over. The pin looked very akward... Espinosa kind of sat on Dylan's face.

2. Jimbo Onoo defeated Randy Royal by pinfall following the double handed chokeslam.

3. Elvis Pridemoore defeated Heath Hatton by pinfall.

TV Taping

Throughout the taping, a series of empty arena, in-ring interviews were shown between Gilbert Corsey and Mike Hayes, documenting the feud between Hayes and Mohamad Ali Vaez. There were then similar interviews with Vaez, who belittled Hayes and said he was a cripple, before leaving the interview.

1. Jamin Olivencia defeated Raphael Constantine by pinfall following the Olivencia Crunch.

-Christian Mascagni came out and challenged Trailer Park Trash to a match. Trash informed him that he couldn't wrestle, due to him being the director of operations. He said that, since Mascagni wanted a match, he would give him one... against Mike Mondo.

2. OVW Women's Champion Taeler Hendrix defeated Taryn Shay by pinfall following the SplitKick. Prior to the match, Shay yelled at Brittany DeVore for sleeping with "her man", Benny Bray. She then accused Hendrix, who quickly defeated her.

A vigniette was shown with Raul LaMotta and a mystery accomplice with Rocco Bellagio in the trunk of LaMotta's car.

3. Dylan Bostic and Elvis Pridemoore went to a no-contest when James "Moose" Thomas interrupted, leveling both men. Afterward, Christopher Bolin said he refused to be made a fool of, then whipped Bostic and Pridemoore with is belt.

4. OVW Southern Tag Team Champions "Smooth" Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze defeated The Elite when Shiloh Jonze hit Adam Revolver with the superkick. The match ended once when Revolver pinned Shiloh, but pulled the tights. Ted McNaler pointed that out and the match re-started. After the Elite lost, Revolver attacked McNaler from behind. The fight was broken up by OVW officials.

Backstage, Paredyse challenged Brandon Espinosa to a match at the January 7th Saturday Night Special. After Paredyse walked out, Chris "Package" Sharpe walked in to give Brittany DeVore an invitation to the New Year's Eve party. He gave one to Lady JoJo, who got his number from him, then apparently sent him a sexy photo of herself. Package looked pleased.

5. OVW Television Champion Christopher Silvio (w/Team TieDye [Taryn Shay and Mo Green]) defeated Mike Sydal by pinfall following the RocketPunch. Mo Green interfered to distract Sydal. Mike Sydal is the brother of WWE superstar Evan Bourne.

6. Mike Mondo vs. Christian Mascagni went to a no-contest when the OVW locker room emptied out to brawl in the ring. Mondo intimidated Mascagni into the corner, who then urinated on himself. Afterward, Mondo grabbed Mascagni and just before he hit him, the OVW superstars came out to help Mascagni, who all started to battle each other to end the show.

Dark Match

1. Jason Wayne defeated Lennox Norris by pinfall following the Half Nelson Slam.

Biggest Pops:
1. Trash announcing Mondo would face Mascagni
2. Mike Hayes' interviews
3. Taeler Hendrix

Biggest Heat:
1. Christian Mascagni
2. Christopher Silvio and Team TieDye
3. Mohamad Ali Vaez' interviews

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