OMEGA Championship Wrestling results: Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy team with Hurricane Helms and TNA star James Storm to face Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Gunner, and Lodi, and more

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Jan 18, 2013 - 03:20 PM

The following are the results of the Chinlocks for Chuck event that took place on January 15 at Northern Durham High School in Durham, N.C. on Tuesday.

1. The Platinum Icon Phil Brown defeated Simply Perfect Preston Quinn. 

2. Trevor Lee defeated The Chiva Kid.

3. Christian York and Pat Cusick with Baby Doll defeated Cueball Carmichael and The Wise Guy Jimmy Cicero with Evil Count Grog.

4. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander defeated Steve Walters and John Skyler 

5. Arik Royal defeated "The First" Ric Converse, Brad Attitude and Scotty Matthews in a four-way to retain the CWF Mid Atlantic TItle.

6. Reby Sky and Amber O'Neal defeated Kacee Carlysle and Jamie Jamison.

7. Hurricane Helms, Matt and Jeff Hardy and James Storm defeated Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Lodi, and Gunner.

Powell's POV: The event was held to benefit independent wrestler Chuck Coates, who is battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma for the second time. Shane Helms noted in a press release that the event drew 1,100 fans and raised nearly $15,000 for Chuck's medical bills. The event was promoted by Helms, Mike Maverick, and David Coates.

"OMEGA would like to thank the CWF, Carolina Wrestling Federation ( and also TNA Impact Wrestling for their involvement and support in this event," Helms wrote. "It was a great event and a very emotional night as Chuck Coates is a beloved performer and friend to many who wrestled that night. A ton of other indy stars actually bought tickets and sat in the crowd to show support and love to this event."

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