Heavy on Wrestling results: Matt Hardy vs. Luke Hawx, Mr. Anderson returns home to Wisconsin, HOW Champion Ariya Daivari, Lance Hoyt

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Oct 29, 2013 - 03:20 PM

Heavy on Wrestling
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Report by Dot Net reader Chad Sturm

My girl got us VIP tickets and we went to a pizza place where we met Matt Hardy, Lance Hoyt, Mr. Anderson, the HOW champ, and more. The place was packed with a line out the door. The event itself was sold out. I don't know what attendance was but my guess was around 1,000. 

1. Kingz of the Underground defeated Cooter and Horace the Psychopath.

2. Lance Hoyt beat Darin Corbin, Sam Knight, Ben Sailer, and Renny D in an elimination match to become the #1 contender to the HOW Title. The end of the match came down to Hoyt and Renny D which was so intense and might of been the best exchange I've ever seen live. 

3. Mr. Anderson defeated Mitch Paradise.

4. Ariya Daivari beat Olympic wrestler Chas Betts to retain the HOW Title. The National Guard had a grand entrance at the beginning of the match as they were lumberjacks. It was quite impressive watching them march down the aisle to the music. 

5. Matt Hardy defeated Luke Hawx in the main event. Great match. Crowd loved Matt. After Matt won we saw the Kingz come down and beat on Matt. Ken Anderson made the save after Luke was named the newest member of the Kingz. 

Final thoughts: Great show. I loved the debut of the Kingz after watching video hype on Heavy on Wrestling's Facebook page. I keep checking their website and will definitely be attending their Nov 30 show with Rikishi, the Foley show in February, and the Vader show in May. These guys are highly recommended. I've been to all the different Indy shows in Minnesota and Wisconsin and no one does it better than these guys. 

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