AAW Epic - The Ten Year Anniversary: Colt Cabana and Jimmy Jacobs vs. Eddie Kingston and Shane Hollister, Arik Cannon vs. Kyle O'Reilly, Alex Shelley vs. Silas Young, Irish Airborne vs. Michael Elgin and Ethan Page

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Mar 22, 2014 - 11:35 AM

AAW Epic
Berwyn, Illinois
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1. Christian Faith beat Ty Colten, Davey Vega, and CJ Esparza in a four-way.

2. Heidi Lovelace over Selezyia Sparx.

3. Louis Lyndon, Junthai Miller, and Marion Fontaine over Matt Cage, Cameron Skyy, and Austin Mannix.

4. Justice Jones beat Sea-Man.

5. Marek Brave vs. Knight Wagner fought to an apparent no-contest.

6. Silas Young beat Alex Shelley.

7. Boz beat Crane in a street fight.

8. Michael Elgin and Ethan Page beat Irish Airborne.

9. Kyle O'Reilly beat Arik Cannon.

10: Colt Cabana and Jimmy Jacobs beat Eddie Kingston and Shane Hollister. After the match, Gregory Iron returned and attacked Cabana.

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