9/9 Dragon Gate USA in Indianapolis: Full results of the show featuring the Blood Warriors vs. PAC, A.R. Fox, and Rich Swann, Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor vs. YAMATO and Masato Yoshino

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Sep 10, 2011 - 02:03 PM

Dragon Gate USA
Indianapolis, Ind.
Report by Dot Net reader Joe Fraser

1. Kaleb Conley and Scott Reed defeated Cassidy and Wilkins. Cassidy and Wilkins are graduates of local Indie favorite Billy Roc's wrestling school. Not a bad opener

2. The second match was between two guys who I didn't recognize and didn't catch their names sadly as it was an excellent match. A black guy with an Ezekiel Jackson type of build (only shorter) defeated a five foot tall guy with a powerbomb holding on for a second, then holding on for a slingshot sit down powerbomb followed by a standing moonsault! The crowd popped huge for the finish.

3. Jon Davis defeated Arik Cannon (w/Pinkie Sanchez). Good hard hitting match that spilled out into the crowd at one point.

4. Brodie Lee defeated Mike Sydal, Sugar Dunkerton, Billy Roc, BJ Whitmer and Flip Kendrick  in an elimination match. Prior to the match Gregory Irons (the wrestler afflicted with Cerebral Palsy who was put over by CM Punk earlier in the summer) came to the ring only to be verbally insulted by Brodie and Blood Warriors and then beat down. Fun match with a lot of chain wrestling for the first half as Brodie wasn't allowed on the ring apron by the other five. They seem to be building a feud with Brodie and Whitmer as he was DQ'd by using a chair that he intercepted as Ricochet threw it to Brodie.

5. Naruki Doi defeated Sami Callihan. Good hard hitting back and forth match. Sami was definitely the favorite in this as he's the IPW champion(local promotion that uses this same building and ran the pre-show portion of the show). Would love to see a rematch between these two.

6. Pinkie Sanchez defeated Louis Lyndon. Pinkie came out in mock Sabu gear. A lot of comedy but a lot of great spots as well. Pinkie won with a burning hammer

7. YAMATO and Yoshino defeated Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano. Prior to the match Chucky T and Gargano  made it clear that they both have singles aspirations that involve the big shiny belt around YAMATO's waist. Killer match that ended when Yoshino had Taylor in a submission hold while Gargano had YAMATO in a hold of his own. Chuck gave out first. Afterwards YAMATO made it clear in broken English that he wasn't worried about Ronin.

8. Blood Warriors (Ricochet, Akira Tozawa and CIMA) defeated PAC, A.R. Fox, and Rich Swann. I don't even know where to begin with this match. Absolutely incredible stuff by all involved. Very fast paced action that was in the main event spot for a reason. The win came when Rico pinned PAC as per the Captain's match stipulation.

After the match and a short locker room clearing brawl, we were left with Junction Three (PAC, Yoshino and YAMATO) and Ronin(Gargano, Taylor and Swann). Chucky T got on the mic and informed Rich that he needed to spend a little less time with Junction Three. He then superkicked Yoshino and left the ring with Gargano and told Rich to follow. Rich begrudgingly left with Ronin with PAC less than happy with his decision.

Joe's Joepinion (yes, that's terrible): Although I've seen two or three DGUSA DVD's and a couple iPPV's this was my first live experience and I was blown away. I wasn't sure what to expect as I knew this was kind of the "buffer" night for the big Chicago iPPV show tonight. Some matches were good , some were great, but none were anywhere close to bad. No "Turd of the Night" match at all on this card and I really hope they come back soon. I also encourage anybody who has a chance to see them live to do so!

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