9/2 PWG Battle of Los Angeles Night 2 Results: Kevin Steen momentarily teams up with El Generico, Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin in the finals, Ricochet, Sami Calihan, Roderick Strong, and others featured

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Sep 3, 2012 - 10:16 AM

By Will Pruett

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla live event
Reseda, California at the American Legion Post #308

The following are results from night two of the Battle of Los Angeles tournament. Stay tuned for a full report with analysis later this week.

1. Sami Calihan defeated T.J. Perkins via submission in a quarter-final match.

2. Adam Cole defeated Eddie Edwards via pinfall in a quarter-final match.

3. Michael Elgin defeated Brian Cage Taylor via pinfall in a quarter-final match. Kevin Steen ran in during this match and attacked Taylor.

After the match, he continued to beat on Taylor. The Young Bucks ran out to attack Steen, who was saved by referee Mike Knox. The Bucks had the upper hand until El Generico made the save. Knox challenged The Bucks and Taylor to a six man. Steen noncommittally walked away when asked to team with Generico.

4. Ricochet defeated Roderick Strong via pinfall in a quarter-final match.

5. Willie Mack, Drake Younger, and B-Boy defeated Joey Ryan, Davey Richards, and Kyle O'Reilly via pinfall. Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly donned Joey Ryan's sleazy gimmick in one of the most absurd and wonderful moments of the night.


6. Adam Cole defeated Sami Calihan via submission in a semi-final match.

7. Michael Elgin defeated Ricochet via pinfall in a semi-final match.

8. Mike Knox, El Generico, and Kevin Steen defeated The Young Bucks and Brian Cage Taylor via pinfall. The match originally began as a tag team match, but Steen ran in mid-match to accept a tag from Generico.

9. Adam Cole defeated Michael Elgin via pinfall to win the 2012 Battle of Los Angeles tournament.

Pruett's Pause: The show was absolutely fantastic. PWG has one of the best environments in wrestling and this show was no exception to that. Cole winning after Elgin looked dominant for the entire tournament was a surprise, but Cole's heel work in PWG has earned it. I'll be back later in the week with a full report and analysis of the show.

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