8/13 Big Time Wrestling: Matt Hardy vs. Chris Masters, Carlito vs. Shane Douglas, TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James vs. Reby Sky, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Duggan

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Aug 14, 2013 - 09:17 AM

Big Time Wrestling
Gaithersburg, Maryland at Montgomery County Agricultural Fair
Report by Dot Net reader Matthew Mullally

The show started a half hour late due to a rain storm. The ring was set up outside in the dirt of the grandstand (it is an ag fair). The ringside area turned into a mud pit, and despite a tarp on the mat, the mat still got wet. The ring and fair crew did an outstanding job of re-grading the mud and dirt around the ring to dry it out. They dried the mat as best they could, and the show went on. There was a wet crowd of approximately 350.

1. Slyck Wagner Brown beat Danny Miles. Miles had a homosexual gimmick and worked hard the whole match. Entertaining comedy match with good wrestling.

2. Mickie James beat Reby Sky. They couldn't really get anything going, and the crowd wasn't into it. She tried but Reby Sky just isn't a pro-wrestler. 

3. Flex Armstrong beat Benny Chucks(?) to retain the BTW Title.

4. Jim Duggan and The Patriot beat The Russian Hammers. No surprise, Duggan and the Patriot defeated the Hammers amidst constant cheers of "USA." The Hammers might be the worst jobbers since the Mulkeys. You know you're in trouble if the Patriot plays Ricky Morton and Jim Duggan gets the hot tag. The match moved at 3/4 speed, but Duggan made sure everyone enjoyed themselves and seemed to be having a genuine good time himself.

5. Carlito beat Shane Douglas. Douglas played the perfect heel and boasted about Pittsburgh, (the Steelers, the Pirates, the Penguins, Bruno Sammartino, and Larry Zbyszko) and runs down the Ravens and Redskins. He got good heat. Carlito hit the Backstabber in a match that was way incredibly short.

6. Matt Hardy beats Chris Masters. Hardy came out to a good pop and teased the t-shirt toss into the audience. Masters stole the shirt to get heat. A typical but good match. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate to send the crowd home happy.

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