8/12 JCW Legends PPV review: Terry Funk, Roddy Piper, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, New Age Outlaws, Rock-n-Roll Express vs. Midnight Express

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Aug 13, 2011 - 10:32 AM

JCW "Legends and Icons" online pay-per-view
Cave in Rock, Ill.
Report by Dot Net reader William Adams

The show started at around 2:45 am est, despite an advertised start time of 11:15 pm.

The announcer (KG) mentioned the main event (to pretty much no reaction from the crowd). He then introduced Mick Foley to a slight pop.

First match up was Valentine/Santana in a cage match. Dave Penzer is the ring announcer.

1. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine defeated Tito Santana in around five minutes. The match was basically just a punch/kick fest, but was fun to see for a bit of nostalgia. Valentine won by rolling up Tito in the corner with his feet on the ropes. After the match Santana destroyed Valentine's plaque award in the same manner as Valentine destroyed the IC title back in the day. Apparently the winners tonight will receive plaques.

Foley and KG talked for a while to stall for the ring crew to take down the cage. The Royal Rumble style battle royal was next.

2. Zack Gowan won a 15-man battle royal in nearly 20 minutes. Jim Duggan and Headbanger Mosh started it out.

Order of Elimination:
Duggan eliminated Ronnie Garvin
Duggan eliminated Mosh
Big Daddy V eliminated Duggan
Big Daddy V eliminated Thrasher
Big Daddy V eliminated Tony Atlas
Carlito eliminated himself
Zack Gowan eliminated Jimmy Snuka
Big Daddy V eliminated Doink (Matt Bourne)
Zack Gowan eliminated Eugene
Big Daddy V eliminated Brutus Beefcake
Big Daddy V eliminated Rikishi
Big Daddy V eliminated Rob Conway
Conway eliminated Disco Inferno from the outside
Zack Gowan eliminated Big Daddy V
Big V botched the elimination spot 3 times before getting over the ropes.

3. Rock and Roll express defeated The Midnight Express in 37 seconds. Nothing in the match at all. Just a double dropkick and pin.

4. Rhino defeated Al Snow, Shane Douglas, Sabu, 2 Cold Scorpio, Balls Mahoney, and Raven in a 7 way match in 3:49. Everyone hit their finisher during the match. Rhino pinned Snow following a gore.

5. Bob Backlund defeated Ken Patera in 6:14. Backlund looked great. Ken, um, did not. Backlund won with a school boy.

6. Austin Idol defeated Koko B Ware, Brickhouse Brown, and Dutch Mantel in 2:44. Idol won with a school boy on Dirty Dutch.

7. Tracy Smothers defeated Tommy "Wildfire" Rich in under 30 seconds. Smothers pinned Rich with his feet on the ropes.

8. Kevin Nash and X-Pac (with Scott Hall) defeated The New Age Outlaws in 6:12 with Vampiro as special ref. Good reaction for both teams. Nash pinned Billy Gunn after Vampiro attacked Road Dogg and joined the jWo.

9. Roddy Piper (with Cowboy Bob Orton) vs. Terry Funk in an I Quit match. The match saw Piper and Orton double team Funk the whole time, until Mick Foley came down. The match sort of morphed into a tag match.

10. Piper and Orton defeated Funk and Foley in 4:25. Orton pinned Funk for the win.

The show ended with Foley thanking the fans, around 5:20 am EST.

Notes: This was my first time watching a JCW event. Obviously, this was a bit different from their usual product. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show. Sure, there weren't any five star matches (or 2 star matches for that matter) but I knew that up front when I ordered. It was a fun show, and it was nice to see so many faces from the past once again.

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