8/12 JCW BloodyMania 6 iPPV results: John Morrison vs. Matt Hardy vs. Bryer Wellington, Officer Colt Cabana vs. Vampiro, Scott Steiner and Vader team, 2 Tuff Tony vs. Kongo Kong, former WWE stars in battle royal

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Aug 12, 2012 - 11:45 PM

JCW BloodyMania 6 iPPV
Cave-In-Rock, Illinois
Report by Dot Net reader Sean Lobins

1. The Ring Rydas beat Pondo and Necro, Rock n Roll Express, and The Headbangers in a four-way tag to retain the JCW Tag Titles. Pondo and Necro were eliminated by Rock n Roll Express. The Express were eliminated by The Headbangers. The Headbangers were lastly eliminated by Ring Rydas. The crowd wasn't really hyped up until Ring Ryda Blue got them up for a hot tag from Ring Ryda Red. The pin came after Ring Ryda Red used the tag title as a weapon to break up a pin on Ring Ryda Blue from one of the Headbangers, who had the title as a weapon.

2. Vampiro beat Officer Colt Cabana. Cabana came out to some boos and got various stuff thrown at him. Colt cut a promo about how he won gold medals in Juggalo raping and weed confiscating and Juggalo arresting. Shaggy 2 Dope really despised Cabana and said he abused his power and that he tricked people when wearing the officer's uniform. Cabana said when he won he was going to deport Vampiro back to Canada and back to Mexico, and then he was going to arrest the entire crowd. Vampiro came out with Evil Dead (not sure who he was but the crowd popped to see him, Shaggy and KG said he was a former JCW Heavyweight Champion.) Vampiro cut a promo basically refuting Cabana. Vampiro won after he hit a super kick on Cabana and then Evil Dead hit Cabana with a DDT.


Commissioner Violent J came out to a good pop and said he wanted to thank the crowd for being there. He announced that Corporal Robinson had parted ways with JCW and his match wasn't happening. The crowd responded with a "he f---ed up" chant.

3. Zach Gowen won a 9-man Battle Royal. The first two out were Shockwave the Robot and Carlito. One of the commentator's (I believe Shaggy) asked where Carlito's apple was. Third out was X-Pac, who had a lot of energy and he seemed real excited to be there. Zach Gowen came out next. Fifth out was Bobby Lashley, who looked in really good shape and got a small pop. U-Gene came out at number 6 to a small pop. He looked a lot better than he did in WWE. He looked a bit younger. He used some silly string when he came to the ring.

Seventh was Chris Masters, who flexed at the stage and some girls screamed. Eigth out was Weedman, who came out to a small pop. Shockwave was the first eliminated, and right after that a special (just announced) ninth man came out - The Rude Boy. U-Gene was eliminated next. X-Pac was eliminated. Rude Boy was eliminated. Chris Masters, Lashley, and Carlito had formed a small alliance and were looking to eliminate Weedman with Masters going to launch him over the top rope, but Weedman pushed Carlito into Masters who, not knowing, eliminated Carlito.

Masters turned around in Shock which gave Weedman the time to eliminate him, but that distracted Weedman who got eliminated by Lashley. Lashley thought he won but Gowen, who had been out on the floor (not eliminated) came back in and eventually eliminated Lashley. This was the second time Gowen won the battle royal (the other time was last year). The commentary team put him over. Gowen came to the commentary table and said people said it couldn't be done, but dreams do come true.


4. John Morrison defeated Matt Hardy (w/Reby Sky) and "Richie Boy" Bryer Wellington in a three-way.. Hardy and Morrison came out to their WWE entrance music. A decent match that saw Morrison and Hardy work together in the beginning. Richie Boy spent a lot of the time on the floor. The finish came after Morrison hit Starship Pain on Richie Boy. After the match Hardy and Morrison shook hands. They shook hands again but then Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Morrison. KG kept calling Morrison by his real name John Hennigan, while Shaggy called him John Morrison. There was a small "Hardy" chant after he left the ring. Morrison got a "Morrison" chant on the way up the ramp.


5. Vader and Scott Steiner beat Shaun Summers and Roderick Street. Summers and Street came out to some boos. This was basically a squash match for Steiner and Vader. The two worked really well together. Street and Summer got no offense in at all. There were "F--- 'em, Vader" and "Vader Bomb" chants. Steiner and Vader were massively over with the crowd. There was a spot I missed which got the crowd to chant "Holy shit." This was one of my favorite matches. I marked out (which is a term I don't normally use) for Steiner.

6. 2 Tuff Tony defeated Kongo Kong to retain the JCW Heavyweight Championship. Tony came out to a small pop. He had the title over his shoulder and with two bottles of Bacardi in his hand and gave shots to the crowd. There were some weapon spots. Tony brought out a thumbtack bat and went to use it on Kong but Kong swiped it and used it on Tony which caused tacks to stick in his head which caused some bleeding.

Kong dominated a lot of the match. The crowd was really behind Tony and gave him a "F--- 'em Tony" chant. The finish came after Tony hit his finisher which was called the "Flaming Fist" for the 1-2-3 to retain the JCW Heavyweight Championship. His finisher is when he pours Bacardi on his hand and lights it on fire and then punches his opponent in the head. The Ring Rydas, Weedman, Rude Boy, Vampiro and Violent J came out to congratulate and celebrate with Tony. There was a large "family" chant as the show closed out.

The pay-per-view was good and worth watching.

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