7/29 Chikara "Give 'Em The Axe" in Everett, Mass.: Sara Del Rey and Jigsaw comment on their respective statuses with WWE and TNA, The Young Bucks vs. The Throwbacks in a best of three falls match, former WWE star no-shows

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Jul 29, 2012 - 10:32 PM

Chikara Pro live event
Everett, Mass. at the Rec Center
Report by Dot Net Member Zim

Ophidian was out back doing stretches with a few other wrestlers at about quarter of 4. 

Attendance well over double the Joshimania attendance at the same arena. It was standing room only tonight with a rough estimate of 400-500. I'm quite happy to see this turnout for Chikara.

I got a Sara Del Rey autograph and asked about WWE status. She said nothing is official yet and she has no idea in what capacity shell be used. Not much info there.

1. Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, and Frightmare beat The Swarm and Soldier Ant. Soldier played his usual babyface self. He was the reluctant partner of the newest ants in Chikara. There was a sick Triple stop move and crucifix driver from Frightmare.

2. Ophidian beat Sugar Dunkerton. Ophidian has a new mask and he used a really cool bridging cobra clutch while Sugar was sitting to get the submission TKO. After the match, Delirious came out and put his arm around ophidian as they walked to the back.

3. The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger beat The Shard with a leg drop. At one point in the match, The Stranger went backstage and brought out a toy bouncy horse and proceeded with a truly great Chikara moment.

Gran Akuma came out with 3.0 and received a good pop, to which he responded "this is weird" with a pleasant smile. Akuma has played a heel throughout his Chikara career. Cool moment

4. Team 3.0 and Gran Akuma beat The Batiri by DQ. The finish came when Delirious and Ophidian attacked Team 3.0. Afterwards, Delirious kissed the four heel men on the forehead and led them to the back.

Del Rey got a massive reaction and her outfit gets smaller every time I see her live. I don't mean that in a bad way, but in a way that shows off her ever improving ring shape. She has gotten in even better shape than she was in when I saw her at Joshimania. 

5. Icarus beat Sara Del Rey with a handful of tights. A big Yes! Lock almost won it for Del Rey and got the crowd to erupt into massive "Yes!" chants. Afterwards, Sara kicked him and hit the royal butterfly, pretty impressive. After Icarus went to the back, Sara got the huge standing ovation. Easily the ovation of the night, followed by an extremely loud and heartfelt 'thank you Sara' chant. Truly great moment to experience.

Intermission. I went and got my shirt autographed by The Bucks, Ultra Mantis, Hallowicked, and Sugar Dunkerton. Eddie Kingston was in the ring doing free pics with the Chikara Grand Championship and I got his sig as well. Very down to earth guys throughout the Chikara locker room... with the exception of The Bucks who enjoyed saying "we wouldn't shake Booker T's hand, why would we shake yours?" On an aside. I would really love to see Ultramantis Black get a shot on Gut Check, as he is incredibly unique and talented.

6. Jakob Hammermeier beat Jigsaw after his "Guten Nächt" neck breaker. A good match and Jakob's grandparents appeared to be in attendance for tonight's show.

Marty Jannetty no-showed, so a chunky guy in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume came out to team with green ant. I shit you not, Steve the Turtle... Yup.

Los ice creams found a kid in an el hijo  del ice cream mask and a kid in an ice cream jr. Mask, they put them on the ring apron and the crowd exploded. One of them got in the ring and the crowd let out the biggest pop of the night. Another classic Chikara moment.

7. Los Ice Creams beat Green Ant and Steve the Turtle. The Ice Creams brought a bag to ringside resembling Mick Foley's bag of tacks... only to reveal they were sprinkles. Of course, being Chikara, they sold the sprinkles like they were tacks. The finish came when an Ice Cream threw sprinkles in Turtles eyes and they hit a double team finisher onto the sprinkles. Los Ice creams are hilarious Chikara style heels.

8. A.C.H. won a great 4 way dance to advance to the Young Lions Cup 2012. Keep an eye out for the names ACH and JT Dunn, as they both have future star potential and both had 100 percent fan support.

9. The Young Bucks beat The Throwbacks in a best of three falls match to retain the Campeones de Parejas. The first fall went to the Bucks when they hit Mr Touchdown with his valet's baton. The second fall came when Dasher Hatfield pinned a Buck after a combination wheelbarrow/stunner. The deciding fall was following More Bang for your Buck. A great back and forth matchup that saw the bucks incredible spotfests mesh perfectly with the comedic yet athletic stylings of the throwbacks.

Notes: On the way out the door, there was a "greeting line" if you will, which consisted of probably 75 percent of the wrestlers from the evening thanking every fan who wanted to stop and chat. I had previously been very disappointed not to see Jigsaw at the gimmick stand during the pre-show or intermission to get the mask I brought signed. However, as soon as I walked out the door, he recognized me from his match and thanked me for the support and offered to sign my mask. I asked if there had been any follow up with TNA and he said no word from them yet, but he hopes for that phone call every day and said to keep an eye out. I hope so, I'm a huge fan of his work.

Overall, an awesomely fun show that saw all wrestlers involved having a great time and working their tales off to entertain us in the way only Chikara can. I cannot recommend attending a Chikara show live enough, as I firmly believe that for the price of the $20 tickets, you get more entertainment value, fun, laughs, and wow moments, than any other company I've seen live, be it ROH, TNA, or WWE. Get out and discover Chikara's magic!!

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