5/3 Chikara in Gibsonville, N.C. results: Eddie Kingston vs. Green Ant for the Chikara Grand Championship, Ultra Mantis Black, Hallowicked, and Frightmare vs. Icarus, Chuck Taylor, and Johnny Gargano

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May 4, 2013 - 11:20 AM

Chikara: Battle Not with Monsters
Gibsonville, N.C. at CWF Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium
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1. Ophidian, The Batiri, and Kobald defeated  AssailANT, Fire Ant, and Los Ice Creams when Obaryion pinned AssailANT after the drop toe hold/Knee lift.

2. Saturyne pinned Orbit AssaultANT in a quick match with a rollup.

3. Orbit Adventure Ant, Arctic Rescue Ant, and New leader DeviANT defeated 3.0 and Gran Akuma when Arctic AssaultANT pinned Akuma w/ a top Rope leg drop after DeviANT hit Him with a snowboard. 

4. Amasis defeated The Shard in a hard hitting matchup with a rolling prawn hold. 

5. Archibald Peck beat Jigsaw with a roll up reversal and handful of tights out of a Jig N Tonic attempt. 

6. Mr. Touchdown beat Chiva Kid in a Young Lions Cup Match to retain with a sit out cutter. 

7. Ultra Mantis Black, Hallowicked, and Frightmare beat Icarus, Chuck Taylor, and Johnny Gargano (w/Sugar Dunkerton) when Frightmare pinned Gargano with a schoolboy after he was distracted by Sugar. 

After the match Gargano threatened to quit & Icarus asked him to give Sugar one more chance. The two hugged it out but Gargano super kicked Dunkerton. Icarus then speared Gargano and the pairs left separately. 

8. Eddie Kingston defeated Green Ant to retain the Chikara Grand Championship with two back fists to the future. 

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