5/11 Wrestling is Art results: Former WWE wrestler Funaki vs. Green Ant, The Batiri vs. The Devastation Corporation, Jigsaw vs. Antonio Thomas, Brian Fury vs. Jaka

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May 13, 2013 - 09:20 AM

Wrestling is Art
Haverhill, Mass. at Haverhill High School
Report by Dot Net contributor Zack Zimmerman

Similar attendance as last time here at Haverhill High School, about 150 people.

1. Estonian Thunderfrog beat Kobald with a jackknife pin. Good opener that got the crowd in the mood for a fun night. High spots included an Irish whip that sent Kobald across the entire gym and crashing into the wall.

2. Francis O'Rourke beat Anthony Stone with a half-and-half suplex. O'Rourke works elsewhere as Biff Busick, but his WiA schtick gets great heat. Everyone chants "Francis" while he demands to be called "Frank!" Stone worked hard and was showing off some brutal looking welts at intermission.

3. Jaka (w/Sydney Bakabella) beat Brian Fury with a chokebomb.  Fury was a last-minute replacement for Sugar Dunkerton, who was unable to make the event. Fury has good size and solid work-rate, which made this match better than expected.

4. Jigsaw beat Antonio Thomas with a Fujiwara armbar. This was a really awkward matchup with Jigsaw playing his heel character and the former Heart Throb playing babyface. Fans see the mask and naturally cheer Jigsaw because he can't show a "mean face." Thomas lost a lot of fans with some less-than-impressive attempts to connect with them.

Intermission. Gavin Loudspeaker announced that WiA would be back at Haverhill High School on August 10th.

Juan Francisco made his entrance to "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. He said that he's the most popular athlete in Ecuador, home of the three-sided wrestling ring. He said that he's even sold out the Ecuadome. Hilarious stuff that earned him appreciative applause, but translated to heat in the match.

5. Juan Francisco beat Gervis Cottonbelly with a German suplex Pop of the night for Gentleman Gervis who's gimmick is a favorite amongst the Haverhill fans. Gentlemania runnin' wild. Very fun matchup between two guys with contrasting gimmicks.

6. The Devastation Corporation (w/Sydney Bakabella) beat The Batiri by DQ. Fun but strange heel team vs. heel team matchup. The crowd got behind the underdog Batiri. Finish came when the Batiri couldn't overcome the size differential, so they just hit a low blow and got out of the match in one piece.

7. Funaki beat Green Ant with a rollup. Babyface vs. babyface match with the crowd split, but not wanting to boo either competitor. Funaki can still go and Green Ant works a nice fluid technical style. Green Ant teased heel by using the Michinoku Driver, but continued to play to the crowd. Post match, Francis O'Rourke hit the ring and was about to attack Funaki. Green Ant made the save with a superkick and Funaki hit a stunner to send the crowd home happy.

Overall: This was a fun show with a nicely sized crowd that seemed to enjoy themselves throughout. The workers were having a good time and it translated to the audience. My only complaint would be some of the awkward matchups with faces and heels. It made several matches hard for the crowd to get behind, but not enough where it hindered the experience. I'm looking forward to August 10, if you're in the Boston/New Hampshire area, be sure to check out the show.

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