4/6 Shimmer 53 report: Former WWE star Kharma faces Mia Yim, Serena Deeb returns, Christina Von Eerie, Cheerleader Melissa vs. Saraya Knight in a cage match for the Shimmer Championship

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Apr 6, 2013 - 03:55 PM

Shimmer 53 (replay available at
Secaucus, New Jersey at Meadowlands Expo Center
Report by Dot Net contributor Zack Zimmerman

Great crowd, I would estimate close to 1,500 in attendance, although the official number was announced as 93,173. Hilarious.

1. Amazing Kong beat Mia Yim with the Amazing Bomb. Good match, crowd was split between the two. Kong looked to be in decent shape.

Serena Deeb returned to Shimmer (with a full head of hair). The heel female stable attacked her until Regeneration-X made the save, which set up a 6 lady tag later in the show.

2. Veda Scott and Shazza McKenzie beat Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee. Scott and McKenzie won with a snapmare driver.

3. Christina Von Eerie won a six-woman freestyle with a cross arm lungblower. Good action throughout, and Von Eerie has a great look to compliment a good work style.

4. Mercedes Martinez beat Ayumi Kurihara with a fisherwoman's buster. Great match, both ladies worked hard and much of the talk after the show was about Martinez. "Arigato" chants in appreciation of Kurihara, who wrestled her final match in Shimmer before retirement.

5. Serena Deeb and Regeneration-X (Allison Danger and Leva Bates w/ Daffney) beat Jessica Havok, Sassy Stephanie, and Rhia O'Reilly. Deeb over O'Reilly with the spear. Great stuff when Regeneration-X came to the ring dressed as Jay and Silent Bob, huge reaction for that. Havok planted Deeb with a Michinoku Driver post match.

6. Madison Eagles over Jessie McKay with a Death Valley Driver onto her knee. Eagles has unbelievable charisma, great size, and works hard. I hadn't seen her work previously, but she certainly impressed.

7. Canadian Ninjas retained the Shimmer Tag Team Championships in a four-team elimination match. Also involved were the teams of LuFisto & KANA, Kelly Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa, and Made in Sin. LuFisto eliminated Made in Sin with an inverted Death Valley Driver. Kelly Skater eliminated LuFisto after Kana sprayed water in her eyes. Ninjas rolled Kelly up after they spit water in her face. Fun match from everyone involved, but LuFisto was extremely impressive. No question why she's one of the most highly regarded female wrestlers on the scene.

8. Athena beat Hamada with a Whisper in the Wind flip cutter. Great match, both ladies worked extremely hard the crowd was very appreciative. Standing ovation for both women after the match when they raised each other's hands and hugged. Match of the show.

9. Cheerleader Melissa beat Saraya Knight to win the SHIMMER Championship in a steel cage. FUN FACT: Saraya is NXT Diva Paige's mother. There were some scary and awkward spots, but overall this match was good. Melissa won with the Air Raid Crash.

After the match, my buddy Arthur turned his face and pointed to his cheek for a kiss from Saraya. For his troubles, Arthur took a wicked slap to the face and sold it like he was shot. As he laid at my feet, I had a lot of fun with it yelling "you killed my friend!" And telling the referee to "Do your job! Get her out of here" Great fun!

Overall, this show was extremely impressive. I went into it unsure, and left thoroughly entertained and satisfied. There are some fantastic, athletic female wrestlers on the scene, it's just a shame they don't get the exposure they deserve.

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