3/29 NWA Ring Warriors in Florida: ROH wrestler challenges Adam Pearce for the NWA Title, Billy Gunn, The Headbangers, Robbie E, Stevie Richards, Jim Cornette, Jesse Neal, and more

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Mar 29, 2012 - 11:00 PM

NWA Ring Warriors
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
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The show started at 7:30 as scheduled. Good size crowd.

Francisco Ciatso cuts a promo saying he's going to start his rise in the promotion tonight with his win.

1. Wes Brisco beat Francisco Ciatso. Ciatso was irate and grabbed the mic to demand another match with someone from the back. Pablo Marquez came out and while Ciatso was looking at him, Tommy Vandal slid in and rolled up Ciatso for an apparent three count. (The ref was gone from the ring at this point and the fans had counted.) Ciatso had to be pulled from the ring by his manager.

2. Jesse Neal and Christina Von Eerie defeated Chasyn Rance and Santana G. The match started out as a tongue wrestling match as each couple tried to one-up the other in a make out session. Neal launched himself to the outside and took out Rance and Santana. Everyone was concerned about Santana at this point. Rance got furious and attacked Neal with a chair. Back in the ring, Neal found an opening and hit Rance with the spear.

3. Robbie E. defeated Stevie Richards. Before the match started, Robbie told Richards that everyone was there to see him fist-pump and then he had his music play again to do a dance routine. Robbie wanted Stevie to fist-pump, but Richards declined. Robbie got the win with a rollup and a handful of tights after Richards nearly Stevie Kicked the referee.

4. "The VIP" Cassidy Riley and Steve "The Moose" Madison defeated "The Prince of Darkness" Kevin Sullivan and Gangrel (w/Snake Master Jeff and The Beast). The match broke down and chairs come into play. Snake Master hit the ref with his cane. Wes Brisco came down to help out Riley and Madison. Riley hit a crossbody off the turnbuckles to win the match.

5. Bruce Santee defeated Giant Titan to become the NWA Ring Warrior Grand Champion. Santee will defend the title at the ROH show Friday night against another NWA opponent.

6. Billy Gunn defeated Vordell Walker. Gunn's knee was worked over all match but rolled up Walker and used the tights to get the win.

7. The Dark City Fight Club defeated The Red-Devil Fight Team and The Headbangers in a three-way tag to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championships. Before the match, the Red-Devil manager, Brett Adams, dedicated the match to Ivan Koloff, who was at ringside in their corner. Kory Chavis used the championship to clock Thrasher while the ref's back was turned to get the win.

8. The Tokyo Monster Kahagas defeated Chance Prophet to win the NWA National Heavyweight Championship in a Russian chain, Four Corners Weapons match. The men were chained together with a blackjack in one corner, a kendo stick in another, a set of brass knuckles in another, and a bull rope in the fourth. Prophet also utilized a coal miner's glove and Kahagas used a ninja star on the bloodied forehead of Prophet.

Jim Cornette was introduced. He thanked the fans for supporting local wrestling. Before he announced who he had chosen from ROH to face Adam Pearce for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, he wanted to talk to Pearce. Cornette likes Pearce and thinks he can be the man to help the youngster he's chosen get better. Peace asked why Cornette hid the identity of the guy if all Cornette wanted was him to test him. Pearce thought Cornette was trying to pull a quick one on him. Cornette introduced Adam Cole as the opponent.

9. Adam Pearce defeated Adam Cole to retain the NWA Title. Pearce won with a piledriver in a very good match. It definitely showed why it was the main event and was match of the night.

Other notable names in the house:
Larry Zbyszko
Kevin Kelly
Gerald Brisco
Roderick Strong
Grizzly Redwood

Tammy "Sunny" Sytch did not appear as advertised.

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