3/23 King of Flight Tournament: Brian Kendrick promoted show featuring Paul London, Amazing Red, A.R. Fox, Samuray Del Sol, The Young Bucks, and more

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Mar 25, 2013 - 11:48 AM

King of Flight tournament
Huntington Park, California
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1. Samuray Del Sol defeated Paul London in a first-round match.

2. A.R. Fox beat Nick Jackson in a first-round match.

3. Ricochet defeated Amazing Red in a first-round match.

4. Rich Swann over Matt Jackson in a first-round match.

5. Samuray Del Sol beat A.R. Fox in a semifinal match.

6. Ricochet defeated Rich Swann in a semifinal match.

7. Samuray Del Sol defeated Ricochet in the tournament final to become the King of Flight.

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