3/23 Beyond Wrestling Critical Acclaim: Zim's in-person report on Chris Hero vs. JT Dunn, Michael Elgin vs. Jimmy Jacobs, Mike Bennett appears, and more

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Mar 24, 2014 - 09:15 AM

Beyond Wrestling's Critical Acclaim
Providence, RI at Fete Music
Report by DotNet staffer Zack Zimmerman

Attendance was as big or bigger than the usual Beyond crowd, but significantly more subdued and low-energy. The show started at 8p on a Sunday, this was the first show where the fans had to stand back from the ring, and Beyond ran a show elsewhere earlier in the day as well. Any or all of those factors may have played into the cold crowd; it's tough to say.

1. Stockade won a four-way match. Also involved Ryan Rush, Francis Kip Stevens, and Jesse Vain.

2. Drew Gulak defeated Tommaso Ciampa in a submission match. This one started out slow but built nicely. Gulak worked Ciampa's notoriously bad knee and ended up forcing the submission with a leglock.

Post-match, Gulak said that he was putting out an open contract for anyone to face him for his CZW Championship when CZW comes to Fete in April. Biff Busick made his return to Beyond and will be facing Gulak for the CZW Title on April 27.

3. Jaka over Eric Corvis. Jaka forced Corvis to tap out to his modified Sol Naciente. Post-match, Jimmy Jacobs hit the ring and was going to spike Corvis again but Michael Elgin ran out and the next match was underway.

4. Michael Elgin beat Jimmy Jacobs. Best match to this point and my favorite match on the show. A nicely laid-out and well-executed match by two guys who know how to go out and work together.

5. Nicholas Kaye and Myke Quest beat Matt Tremont and Anthony Stone in a no-DQ match. Awful garbage match. The crowd was 'wowed' at points, but not for the reasons that successful performers 'wow' crowds. Unprotected headshots, blood for everybody, thumbtacks, and barbed wire. Maybe it's cool if you're into mutilation and stuff.

Intermission. CZW is debuting at Fete on April 27 and Beyond is coming back to Fete on May 18.

Mike Bennett came out unadvertised after intermission. He cut a worked-shoot on how Beyond can't afford Maria and him to work shows. Chris Dickinson took exception, made sexual threats against Maria, and goaded Bennett into an impromptu match.

6. Mike Bennett pinned Chris Dickinson. Brawl around the building. Bennett used a rollup after a low blow for the win.

7. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry and Bill Carr) over ReDragon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly). Tremendous seem to get more popular with the fans each month. This was a fine match; not great but it worked. Tremendous scored the pinfall after a doomsday bulldog.

8. Chris Hero and JT Dunn fought to a double-KO. Both guys went out and worked hard, and I can't and won't take away from that. However, I expected a lot and I have an issue with the match. Hero is billed as the "Knockout Artist" and he connected with 5 Death Blow elbows and countless other versions for nearfalls. In a believable universe, it seems that would discredit Hero's claim and make him a guy who throws ultimately-ineffective elbows. The match was thoroughly entertaining; the near-falls just jumped the shark at the end.

Post-match, Hero took a mic and said that he's been hearing about this "new Chris Hero" for a couple of years, and when he got his release he knew it had to happen. He said that all JT Dunn wanted was his respect, and it appeared like he was going to put him over until he kicked Dunn's head off with the Cyclone Kill. Hero said that dudes should spend less time trying to be fake Chris Hero's and more time trying to become the first someone else. He dropped the mic and left. When Dunn came to, he wasn't able to muster words and left the ring dejected to close the show.

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