2/24 UCW in Norcross, Ga. TV Taping: Matt Hardy vs. Luke Gallows, plus Mike Knox, Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Jonny Fairplay, Rock-n-Roll Express, Chase Stevens, Chris Hamrick, Lance Hoyt, Lodi, Reby Sky

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Feb 25, 2012 - 11:22 AM

Universal Championship Wrestling TV Taping
Norcross, Georgia at North Atlanta Trade Center
Report by Dot Net reader Caleb Buxton

1. Scotty Matthews and Chris Jacobs (Joint Task Force) defeated Spyro and Koonce. Spyro and Koonce attacked before the bell. Jacobs got the upper hand and faced off against Spyro. There were a few tags in and out between both teams. The crowd got hot for Matthews and Jacobs. There were back and forth tags again between the teams. Jacobs took heat from both Spyro and Koonce, but he eventually tagged in a hot Matthews, who hit a modified jaw breaker on Spyro coming off the top rope for the win.

2. Lance Hoyt beat Micah Taylor. The crowd popped big for Taylor and instantly gave heat to Hoyt. They chain wrestled to start off and Taylor ended up landing some big right hands. Hoyt took the advantage but Taylor mounted a big come back and hit a huge clothesline. Taylor went to the top rope and was met with a big boot, sending Taylor to the mat. Hoyt won with a big reverse DDT.

3. Reby Sky beat Mellisa Coates. Coates had the power game and had control most of the match (my guess is Reby was added to the card when Matt was). Reby was keeping the headlock going only to have Coates power out. Coates went for numerous pins. Reby won with a bulldog out of the corner.

4. Chase Stevens beat Chris Hamrick. ECW chants started before the lock up. There was a bunch of playing to the crowd and Hamrick walked away up the ramp. Hamrick came back and got hit with an arm drag. Hamrick got Stevens on the middle rope and ran at him, Stevens moved and Hamrick went flying to the ground. Stevens then slammed him a few times on the solid ground before rolling him back in the ring. Stevens turned Hamrick inside out with a clothesline for a two count. Hamrick hit a huge super kick for a two. Stevens caught Hamrick trying to go over him in the corner and slammed him for a three count.

5. Shane Williams defeated Steven Walters. After a few breaks, Walters finally connected with a chop. After some exchanges, Walters hit a shoulder block sending Williams to the outside. Williams landed a huge boot to the face of Walters coming out of the corner. Williams distracted the ref and hit a low blow on Walters and headed to the top rope. He landed a closed fist followed by a pile driver for the win.

6. Hot Like Lava (w/Johnny Fairplay) defeated The Rock-n-Roll Express. Rock-n-Roll got a huge pop and the crowd was on fire. HLL tried to get the upper hand but was continuously cut off by the RnR. Fairplay tried to pull the troops together but the entire group was sent crashing to the floor. Ricky Morton took the first bump for RnR. Morton got hit with a tiki torch by Fairplay, and HLL got the three count.

Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner came out and charged $20 for a picture with them... Time for a bathroom break...

7. Lodi beat Antonio Garza. Lodi came out carrying his owns signs saying things like "all Lodi fans are rednecks" "you are fat" and "this crowd stinks." The match got off to a very back and forth start with Lodi having some playful tactics. Somehow Lodi ended up busting his lip but gained the upper hand on Garza. Lodi went to the middle rope and Garza rolled out of the way of the leg drop. Garza climbed to the top and missed a senton. Lodi hit a big DDT for the win.

8. El Veterano beat John Skyler. Veterano brought some impressive high flying offense and Skyler continuously got heat from the crowd. Skyler was monkey flipped out of the corner and landed in a DDT type angle. Skyler rolled out of the ring and Veterano followed only to end up being thrown into the stairs. Skyler continued the violent offense by slamming him into the guard rail. Veterano gets to the ring and hit a springboard cross body on Skyler on the outside. Skyler regained control once back in the ring.

Skyler got a couple of near falls and went for a few submissions but Veterano powered out. Skyler finally caught a sleeper and Veterano's hand dropped twice before he came back to life and hit a jaw breaker on Skyler, sending him to the middle rope. Veterano taunted too long and gave Skyler time to hit a big drop kick. Veterano was whipped into the ropes and hit a wheelbarrow bulldog. After a reversal, Skyler landed a big super kick and the entire crowd "ooooh"'s. Veterano went to the top later on and was knocked split legged. Skyler went for a superplex and was knocked to the mat followed by Veterano landing a splash from the top for the win.

9. Brody Chase and Mike Knox (w/Jonny Fairplay) defeated Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner. Chase and Bagwell went back and forth playing to the crowd in the corners. The match got off to a slow start with Bagwell taking a few bumps from Chase but definitely picked up when Knox tried to interfere and Steiner caught him with a clothesline. Steiner and Knox both tagged in and the crowd was obviously behind Steiner, who worked over Knox for a minute before Knox puts a big knee into his gut.

Steiner ducked a clothesline and hooked Knox before slamming him face first, dropping the elbow, and doing some pushups. Bagwell and Chase both tagged back in and Chase got the advantage with some interference from Knox. Chase tagged in Knox and went to work on Bagwell, getting a couple of near falls and throwing him around the ring. Bagwell and Knox both hit clothes lines sending them to the mat. Steiner got the hot tag and worked over Knox and sent Chase to the floor. Steiner hit the belly to belly suplex but the pin is broken up by Chase, who was hit with a huge Frakensteiner. Fairplay snuck into the ring and Bagwell hit him with a double undertook DDT. Bagwell turned around to get run over by Knox, who covers him for the three count.

Bagwell grabbed a mic and set a challenge for March 24, saying they will bring a manager of their own, or the match can happen right now. Knox and Chase teased coming down, and Fairplay took the mic and screamed some words, I guess they were, and the trio retreats to the back.

10. Matt Hardy defeated Big L.G. (a/k/a Luke Gallows). LG came out with the Straight Edge gimmick and the crowd instantly hated him, as most fans had a beer in their hand. Hardy hands down got the biggest pop. He looked to be in good shape. The match was back and forth at the start with some impressive chain wrestling. Hardy carried over a headlock, bringing Gallows to the mat. LG battled out and got the upper hand with some big punches putting Hardy in the corner. Hardy battled back with a neck beaker and got crowd behind him.

Hardy went for a Twist of Fate, but he was pushed off and met with a big boot. LG took control again but was quickly put in a sleeper by Hardy. LG fought out and got Hardy in a sleeper of his own. Hardy faded out but got to a vertical base. He was quickly taken back down with a big left hand. LG got a near fall and picked right back up throwing Hardy across the ring. LG locked in choke holds for a solid minute before whipping Hardy to the ground. LG went for a splash and Hardy rolled out of the way and took back over, and the crowd got hot. Hardy hits a Side Effect and went to the second rope, putting an elbow in the back of LG's head. LG battled back up, but out of nowhere Hardy hit a Twist of Fate for a three count.

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