2/23 WWE Developmental: Kofi Kingston, Billy Kidman, Maryse appear on FCW Show, new tag champs crowned

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Feb 24, 2008 - 04:06 PM

FCW at the Jewish Center in Port Richey, Fla.
Report by Alan Wojcik

1. “Handsome” Heath Miller & “Sterling” Steve Lewington defeated “The Thoroughbreds” Johnny Curtis & Kevin Kiley and received a bye into the finals of the tag team tournament. There were some communication issues early on between Lewington and Miller, especially when Miller accidentally punched Lewington instead of Curtis and Kiley. The Thoroughbreds made several tags controlling things until Miller and Lewington hit Curtis with a double team hot shot into a back suplex to get the shockingly fast win.

2. “South City Thriller” Hade Vansen defeated “Superfan” Chet Douglas. Vansen came out without his normal trench coat and asked the ringside fans who took it. He found out when Douglas came out wearing it and thought it was in good fun. He found out it was not when Vansen slapped him across the face and chest several times. But Vansen missed a legdrop and Douglas fired in several shots including a clothesline that sent Vansen to the floor.

Vansen came back in the ring with a new game plan which seemed to involve some martial art kicks and chops which slowed Douglas down. Vansen went to the mat with a head scissor trying to wear out Douglas but the fans got solidly behind the “Super Fan” and he fought out of the hold even as Vansen used the bottom rope for leverage. Douglas got to his feet and went on an offensive attack that included a Davey Boy Smith style suplex for two. Douglas went to end the match with a rollup but Vansen used leverage to get the pin in his favor with a hand full of ring shorts for good measure.

3. “The Natural” Nic Nemeth & “The Campus Legend” Brad Allen defeated Sheamus & Kafu to advance in the tag title tournament match. Nemeth and Allen seemed more interested in posing for the fans than wrestling. Sheamus and Kafu decided they wanted to wrestle and beat up their opponents for several minutes. That was to the absolute delight of the fans who hate Nemeth with a passion. But their momentum came to a crashing halt when the referee went to keep Sheamus out of the ring and Kafu was hit with a double team Rock Bottom like move for the pinfall win.

4. Titan (w/Mosca) defeated Greg Jackson. Mosca actually took time before the match to wish Jackson good luck and the fun began with Jackson trying to avoid getting grabbed by Titan. That didn’t go so well as Titan grabbed two hands full of hair and he slammed Jackson down. Titan threw Jackson to a corner then bealed him out with lots of power behind it. Titan scooped Jackson up and dropped him down for a gutbuster but wasn’t done and he locked in a stomach Von Erich claw. Jackson fought as best he could but Titan scooped him up and slammed him down to the mat. Jackson fought back with a forearm and a dropkick but all that did was anger Titan who blocked a huricurana and ended the match with a power bomb for three.

5. “The Puerto Rican Nightmares” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon (w/Miss Angela) defeated Rycklon & Gabe Tuft In the 3rd Elimination Match to advance in the tag title tournament. Colon and Perez thought this was going to be a cake walk, at least it seemed like it when the celebrated a drop toe hold Colon hit Tuft with. Colon locked in a side headlock but Tuft escaped and press slammed Colon to the mat and followed with a clothesline that sent the 2nd generation superstar to the floor. After conferring with Perez and Angela, Colon came back in the ring where Rycklon was waiting with a shoulder tackle for two. Perez tagged in and didn’t fair any better against Rycklon who took him down with an armbar.

Perez escaped with a chest chop but Rycklon fought back with a clothesline and he went back to the arm. Tuft came back in and kept on the arm but Perez dropped him on the ring apron. Tuft landed on his feet but Colon came over and got his attention long enough for Perez to shove Tuft to the floor out of control. Perez and Colon made some timely tags and with some help from Angela on the floor, they controlled the match for several minutes. But they couldn’t get Tuft to submit or keep his shoulders down.

Tuft was able to tag in Rycklon who took on both men as Tuft got his bearings. Rycklon hit Colon with a powerslam for two. Colon went to the ring apron for safety but Rycklon was there for a suplex. The bad part for Rycklon was he didn’t see Perez on the floor and he was tripped up and held down for the pinfall.

6. Mighty Mikey defeated “Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee. Early on Mikey kept Bowdee off his game with several moves ending with a clothesline that took Bowdee to the floor. Bowdee came back in and Mikey made him pay by working over his left arm. Bowdee went for a punch and Mikey ducked, getting a backslide for two. Mikey went for a corner whip but Bowdee reversed and his momentum was so strong it sent Mikey over the top and down to the floor. Bowdee brought Mikey back in and dropkicked him in the face for two. Bowdee went for a double arm front facelock submission but Mikey refused to submit.

Instead Mikey got out and tossed Bowdee to a corner but ran right into a forearm and clothesline for two. Bowdee went for a corner splash but Mikey moved and drove Bowdee into the buckles but couldn’t follow up. Bowdee deposited Mikey on the top rope facing away from the ring and went up after him. But Mikey fought off the back suplex and he hit Bowdee with a plancha for two. The two men fought with punches but Bowdee missed and Mikey hit a Dragon Sleeper into a suplex for two.

Both men fought for control of a backslide and Bowdee won when he forced Mikey onto his chest getting two. Bowdee went up top thinking he could win but Mikey met him thinking press slam. Bowdee raked his eyes but the blinded Mikey walked into the ropes causing Bowdee some lower discomfort. With Bowdee unable to defend himself due to obvious pain, Mikey won via a top rope huricurana.

7. Nattie Neidhart & Maryse defeated Victoria Crawford & Taryn Terrell in an FCW Divas match. Crawford and Neidhart have been partners in the ring before but tonight they were going to settle their differences with new partners in their corners. Maryse started with Crawford but got sent to the mat.

Maryse conferred with Neidhart and she used the advice well, taking Crawford down with a neckvise. Crawford used some momentum to escape and this allowed Neidhart to tag in, taking Crawford down with a head lock. Crawford fought back with a hip toss into an armbar and she tagged in Terrell who kept the arm damage going. But Neidhart grabbed Terrell by the hair and tossed her to the mat, tagging Maryse back in.

The Diva’s made several tags wearing down Terrell but couldn’t’ get the pin. Instead Terrell got a sunset flip and tagged Crawford back in who went on the attack. All four Divas’ fought in and out of the ring as Crawford got a two count but Maryse rolled through and got the pin using her feet on the ropes.

8. ECW Superstar Kofi Kingston defeated “Thee Superstar” Christopher Gray. Before the match Gray addressed the peasants claiming he should be on the marquee and not Kingston. He was going to tell the fans some dirty laundry about Kingston but the ECW Superstar’s music cut off Gray. Kingston took the house mic to question Gray’s manliness and the fans chanted something rather rude to the Englishmen. Kingston took control of the match for several minutes, even toying with Gray’s psyche.

Gray fought back only to be hit with a monkey flip but he avoided a spin kick. Gray hid in the corner trying to figure a way to get control and he did when he hit Kingston with a double handed chop to the throat. Gray took Kingston down with a neckvise but Kingston fought out only to be hit in the gut. Gray went for a move but Kingston got a sunset flip just a bit too close to the ropes and Gray slid out, tripping up Kingston. Gray posed on the floor and Kingston hit a baseball slide. But Gray came back in the ring hitting a neckbreaker for two. Gray took Kingston down with a head scissor but Kingston got to his feet and picked up Gray in the process, falling down which drove Gray into the canvas.

Kingston got to his feet and traded punches with Gray and some chest chops for good measure. Kingston hit a second rope bodyblock for two and followed with the double legdrop to the mid section, Gray struggled to his feet and avoided Kingston’s spinning heel kick, instead hitting a legsweep DDT for two. Gray went for a shoulder tackle but Kingston moved and Gray went into the ringpost. This allowed Kingston to hit the spinning heel kick for the victory.

9. “The Puerto Rican Nightmares” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon (w/ Miss Angela) defeated “The Natural” Nic Nemeth & “The Campus Legend” Brad Allen via DQ in the semi-finals of the FCW Tag Team championship tournament. The fans were at a loss whom to cheer for but it seemed they hated Nemeth more than anyone else in FCW. Allen and Colon began but Colon sent Allen to the floor. Both men came back in as Nemeth tagged in but he nearly lost as he took his shirt Colon rolled him up.

Perez tagged in and went to work on Nemeth’s left arm and shoulder. Perez went for a move but Nemeth dropped out of sight and dropkicked Perez in his left knee. Nemeth tagged in Allen who went right into a spinning toe hold. Nemeth and Allen kept Perez on the mat screaming in pain but not getting the submission. Nemeth made a tactical error and Perez used his strength to kick Nemeth away and tag in Colon just as Allen tag in.

Colon had Allen in trouble but Allen fought back with a Rock Bottom. Colon was in big trouble but Angela was keeping the referee and Nemeth distracted long enough that Perez to hit Allen with the bat. Actually he missed and Allen grabbed the bat. But the last laugh came as Colon fell to the mat like he got leveled by Allen and the bat. The referee turned around and found Allen/Nemeth guilty as charged.

10. Afa Jr. defeated Billy Kidman. Afa said after Tuesday night’s attack on Ted DiBiase Jr. he was the force to be reckoned with in FCW. He proved by pinning Kidman in what seemed like record time with a top rope Frog Splash. Not finished Afa went up two more times hitting the Frog Splash risking fines and suspensions.

11. FCW Florida Heavyweight champion Jake Hagar defeated “Stampede Kid” T.J. Wilson. This was Hagar’s first defense and it was against a former rival. Wilson’s game plan seemed to keep the 6 ft 5 in Hager on the mat as he went for a side headlock takeover. Hagar got to his feet but Wilson refused to let go of the hold. Hagar got out and went for a gut wrench suplex but Wilson blocked in and went for the Sharpshooter. Hagar was able to get to the ropes and Wilson allowed him to get to his feet. This wasn’t good as Hagar kicked Wilson in the gut and went to work but Wilson blocked a corner move hitting a head scissor.

Wilson went back to the Sharp Shooter but Hagar again got to the ropes. Wilson went for a spinning kick but Hagar bailed to the floor so Wilson followed him out with a spinning tope. The action came back to the ring where Wilson got two and kept the pressure on Hagar. But Wilson’s corner move backfired as Hagar stepped out and tossed Wilson into the buckles out of control.

Wilson smashed his face on the top buckle and kept the pain level high by pushing Wilson’s neck against the ring post. The action came back to the ring where Hagar suplexed Wilson chest first onto the top rope as the fans booed. Hagar kept working over the neck with a camel clutch like hold but Wilson got out of the hold fighting off Hagar’s gut wrench suplex with a pin attempt. But Wilson went to the ropes only to run into Hagar’s elbow, the momentum sent Wilson to the floor.

Hagar went out only to toss Wilson back in for the two count pin attempt. Hagar kept Wilson on the mat with a body stretch but Wilson refused to submit. Wilson escaped and got a back slide for two and followed with more two counts. Wilson hit Hagar in the head with a dropkick for two but Hagar countered out of a waistlock with a spinout slam for two. Hagar charged a corner but was hit with a drop toe hold into the buckle. Wilson hit a springboard blockbuster but got two as Hagar got his foot on the ropes. Wilson went for the Sharp Shooter but Hagar fought out of it and hit the gut wrench suplex for the win.

12. “The Puerto Rican Nightmares” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon (w/Miss Angela) defeated “Handsome” Heath Miller & “Sterling” Steve Lewington in the tournament finals to crown new FCW Florida Tag Team champions. With their quick win in the opening match, Miller & Lewington had a near two hour rest period while Colon & Perez had two matches to their name. It showed as Perez came back to the ring for the match with a bad limp in his left leg. Colon began the match for his team against Lewington and the two traded mat moves until Colon slapped Lewington in the face and also the chest.

Lewington reversed a corner whip and hit a clothesline for two. Miller tagged in and Colon fought him off long enough to tag Perez who went to work on Miller’s left shoulder. Angela got involved with a slap to the face when Perez placed Miller on the ring ropes. Lewington came around and Miller briefly had her by the hair but Colon hit him with a baseball slide after Perez freed Angela. Lewington tagged in and locked Colon in a head scissor with some help from Miller and the ropes. The referee finally saw Lewington cheating and ordered a break. This allowed Colon a two count sunset flip which showed off Lewington’s posterior.

Colon hit a backdrop and crawled for the tag as Lewington got to his feet and knocked Perez to the floor. Lewington took Colon down with a sleeper hold but Colon’s adrenaline got him to his feet but the two men collided mid ring with body blocks. Both men made it to their feet and made the tags to their partners. Miller and Perez traded punches but Perez’s spear met the referee instead of Miller. With the referee knocked down the rule book went away as punches were tossed left and right. Miller hit Pere with a neckbreaker but Colon stopped a top rope move long enough for Perez to rejoin the match. He went up top after Miller but Miller hit him with a power bomb. Colon hit Miller with a move but Lewington came back in and went for a power slam.

Angela came in with Perez’s bat to hit Lewington but the bat got caught in Lewignton’s hands. Just when it looked like Colon was going to be powerslammed, Angela got the bat back and hit Lewington in his crotch. With the referee still down Colon and Perez hit Miller with a double team neckbreaker with baseball bat across Miller’s neck. When the referee came around all he saw was Perez covering Miller for the pinfall win.

-The new FCW Tag Team champions will defend against all comers this and every Tuesday night at Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey. Bell time is 8:30pm with a $7 door admission.

-On Saturday March 1st FCW returns to the USA Flea Market on US 19 in Port Richey for a 12pm show, followed by an evening show at Ricochet in Ft. Myers 8pm with ECW Superstar Tommy Dreamer.

-FCW returns to the Jewish Community Center on Saturday March 22nd.

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