2/17 Wrestling is Art report: Colt Cabana vs. Green Ant, A.R. Fox vs. Tim Donst, Chuck Taylor and Sugar Dunkerton vs. Devastation Corporation, Brian Fury vs. Darius Carter, Mike Quackenbusy vs. Drew Gulak

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Feb 18, 2013 - 09:45 AM

Wrestling is Art
Bridgewater, Mass.
Report by Dot Net contributor Zack Zimmerman

Overnight snow presumably affected the crowd turnout. A rough estimate of around 100 people.

1. Mike Quackenbush defeated Drew Gulak with a rollup combination.. Great back and forth technical matchup. Both guys looked like they were enjoying themselves in the ring, and the fans enjoyed themselves as a result. 

2. Francis O'Rourke defeated AssailAnt with a half-and-half suplex. More "Francis" chants at O'Rourke like last night, but the crowd never really seemed to get fully behind the Big Blue Ant.  

3. Jaka defeated Anthony Stone with Sol Naciente. Again, very little response for Jaka. Stone, on the other hand, made lots of movement and took big bumps to make this match much better than expected.

4. The Batiri defeated Estonian Thunderfrog, JT Dunn, and Aaron Epic with a double powerbomb/demon toilet combo. This was a fun trios match. Everyone in the match sold Thunderfrog's mallet like it was Thor's hammer, creating some great comedic spots. Awesome looking finish as well.


5. Brian Fury defeated Darius Carter with a powerbomb into a Boston Crab. This wasn't a bad match, but the crowd didn't seem invested at all. Fury looked good, Carter needs a little bit of work.

6. Tim Donst defeated AR Fox after hitting him with part of the turnbuckle and hitting a uranage. Once again, AR Fox stole the show. Donst earned himself good heat, but Fox's aerial arsenal absolutely dazzled the fans in attendance.

7. Devastation Corporation defeated F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor and Sugar Dunkerton) with the Death Blow. Hilarious comedic matchup. Taylor played the reluctant partner, switching allegiances based on the most recent thing that affected him in the match. Fantastic mid-match breakdown into a dance party between Dunkerton and the Corporations manager, Sydney Bakabella. 

8. Colt Cabana defeated Green Ant with a top rope fireman's carry dropped across the top turnbuckle. This was a great way to end the two-night debut of a new promotion. The crowd was into the action and both wrestlers put on performances worthy of main eventing a show called Wrestling is Art. 

Overall: Another greatly entertaining show. Rough travel conditions definitely cut into the crowd, but the people who showed up got their moneys worth. 

And the food? Out of this world. Pulled pork, chicken wings, chili dogs, cheesesteaks, calzones, parfaits, and brownies. Best spread I've ever seen or could imagine at a wrestling show.

May 11 is the next announced date for Wrestling is Art, I'm looking forward to it already.

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