12/7 Dreamwave Wrestling results: Chris Hero, Arik Cannon, Gangrel among the notable names, A.J. Styles and The American Wolves announced for upcoming event

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Dec 8, 2013 - 10:33 AM

Dreamwave Wrestling: The Fight Before Christmas
LaSalle, Illinois
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1. Zero Gravity defeated Arik Cannon and Darin Corbin with a shooting star elbow on Cannon.

It is announced that Zero Gravity will face American Wolves on Feb 1st

2. Chris Castro (w/Matt Cage) beat Ricochet with a triangle choke after a hard DDT.

3. Cousin Bobby defeated Waylon with a roll up.

4. Marcus Crane and Alex Castle defeated Tyler Priegel and Matt Knicks; Dan Lawrence and Judd the Janitor; Vic Capri and Ariya Davari to retain the Dreamwave Tag Titles. Crane got a roll up for the in.

5. Reed BBQ Bentley defeated Marshe Rockett to win the Alternative Championship. Marcus Crane and Alex Castle came out.

6. Nick Brubaker defeated Matt Cage in a Last Man Standing match. Brubaker won after he hit Cage with the Good as Gold Briefcase. Cage couldn’t answer to the count of 10.

7. Prince Ali defeated Chris Hero after delivering a 450 to his arm and hooking it for the pin.

8. The Beck Family defeated Gangrel, Luther, and Yabo the Clown when Mason Beck rolls up Gangrel.

9. Christian Rose def Shane Hollister to retain the Dreamwave Title.

Dreamwave announced A.J. Styles vs. Christian Rose for the February event.

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