12/28 Extreme Rising results: Stevie Richards defends the Extreme Rising title against a mystery opponent, Sabu vs. Facade, Rhino vs. Devon Storm, Matt Hardy vs. Luke Hawx

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Dec 28, 2013 - 08:50 PM

Extreme Rising: Unfinished Business
Philadelphia, Pa. at The Arena
Report by Dot Net reader Brian Gall

Cripple H and Santa Clause opened the show by giving presets to everyone. Robbie Mireno of BLK OUT came down and took out Cripple H and Santa. This led to Jake Manning coming out for an impromptu match with Robbie M, Santa.

1. Jake Manning beat Robbie Mireno via pinfall.

2. Ricky Ortiz defeated Homicide after a hard hitting match.

Matt Hardy came out with Reby Sky to cut a promo with Luke Hawx. They went back and forth until Homicide came out and dragged Sky out of the ring to end the promo.

3. Devon Storm defeated Rhino after several nasty bumps on chairs tables and ringside barriers.

4. The Greek God Papadon defeated Hijo de Mysterio (Rey's cousin).

5. 2 Tuff Tony defeated Balls Mahoney with a fireball. Afterwards Balls beat up up Tony until Matt Tremont from CZW came out to beat Balls up all over the arena.


6. Sabu defeated Facade in a bloody battle that saw Sabu hit all his signature moves.

7. Damien 666 and Bestia 666 defeated Super Crazy and Pesadilla in a high flying match.

BLK OUT came out to run down ECW and the old bingo hall. Pitbull Gary Wolfe came out and got beat down. The Hit Squad came to his aid and beat up BLK Out all over the arena.

8. Stevie Richards defeated Steve Corino to retain the Extreme Rising Title. Corino was the surprise opponent. Fans were not happy as Corino ran down ECW and put on a pitiful match. Expected more from a surprise opponent. The crowd was really pissed about Corino, as we were all expecting Chris Hero or A.J. Styles.

Intermission to construct cage for Hawx vs Hardy

9. Luke Hawx defeated Matt Hardy (w/Reby Sky) in a cage match. Hawx won with a double stomp off the top of the cage. Reby Sky was taken out by Jomicice. Stevie Richards laid out everyone, including Sky, with superkicks to close the show

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