11/9 OVW TV taping: TNA's new developmental affiliate tapes upcoming television show, details on how you can watch it online

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Nov 10, 2011 - 08:54 AM

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping
Louisville, Ky.
Show to air November 12 on
Report courtesy of Jason Saint

Dark Matches

1. Paredyse defeated Dave Osbourne by pinfall following the Erectile Dysfunction.

2. Nick Dinsmore defeated Elvis Pridemoore by pinfall following the Diamond Cutter

3. Marcus Anthony (w/ Christian Mascagni) defeated Ace Hawkins, The Assassin,

4. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, and Joe Coleman in a gauntlet match.

TV Taping

The show opened with a replay from last week, showing Mike Mondo getting shoved off the top rope by Christian Mascagni, leading to Rudy Switchblade winning the OVW Heavyweight Championship

Rudy Switchblade came out to the ring with Christian Mascagni to speak on his title win. Mike Mondo came out to ask Christian what was up with Christian shaking the ropes, causing Mondo to lose the match. Mascagni said it was a big misunderstanding, and that Mondo was now in charge of Rudy's celebration party.

Backstage, Lennox Norris confronted the Elite, telling them Raphael Constantine wouldn't be making it to the Saturday Night Special due to "car troubles." Ted McNaler informed Lennox that he could get any teammate he wanted to substitute in Constantine's absence.

Brittany DeVore interviewed Mohamad Ali Vaez at ringside, who said he would take down Cliff Compton just as he did Michael Hayes.

1. Jamin Olivencia and Shiloh Jonze fought to a no-contest when Tony Gunn, dressed in drag, attacked Jonze. Johnny Spade made the save.

Backstage, Lady JoJo approached Epiphany and said she would have her back in her match against Taeler Hendrix if Epiphany had her's at the SNS. Epiphany agreed.

2. Jason Wayne defeated James Onnoo by pinfall following the Full Nelson Slam. Afterward, he spoke to Nick Dinsmore about how he would be defeating him at the SNS. He then said that, after he was through with Dinsmore, he'd be going after his OVW Heavyweight Championship again.

Backstage, Mascagni and Switchblade spoke about the upcoming party, where Mondo came in to chat with them about it, saying he was prepared.

Brittany DeVore introduced Cliff Compton, who spoke about Ali Vaez and his upcoming match at the SNS, saying he would be defeating Vaez in their match.

3. Taeler Hendrix defeated Epiphany by pinfall when Epiphany was distracted at ringside.

Backstage, Paredyse came into his locker room to find all of his stuff all over the place, and a message written on the mirror. Something to the effect of "Go home, queen." Paredyse was visibly upset.

Christopher Silvio, Mo Green, and Taryn Shay came out to the ring to speak. Benny Bray interrupted the group, bowing up to Silvio and eventually shoving Mo Green to the ground. Taryn Shay gave Benny a low blow and the group left, stating that Silvio would defeat Bray at the SNS.

Backstage, Lennox Norris approached Bolin Services 2.0 about James "Moose" Thomas about being his tag team partner. While Moose was thinking it over, Raul LaMotta stole Rocco Bellagio's OVW Television Championship. After Moose agreed, Rocco realized the belt was gone and the group freaked out.

4. Alex Silva defeated Rocco Bellagio by pinfall via the Silva Surfer to become the new OVW Television Champion. During the match, LaMotta came out over the OVW entrance way to dangle the Television Championship, to distract Rocco and Christopher Bolin.

Christian Mascagni led Rudy Switchblade and Mike Mondo to the ring. They began to celebrate Rudy's win, complete with party favors, balloons, and a cake. Mondo interjected, angry that Mascagni screwed him out of the match. He then shoved Mascagni's face into the cake, and began to brawl with Rudy. In the end, Rudy had Mondo in the Liontamer to end the show.

Dark Matches

1. Brandon Espinosa defeated Dylan Bostic by pinfall following the camel clutch/complete shot.

2. James "Moose" Thomas and Lennox Norris defeated Randy Terrez and Jamin Olivencia by pinfall following the Moose boot.

Biggest pops:

Mike Mondo shoving Mascagni's face in the cake

Jason Wayne

Alex Silva winning the OVW TV Title

Biggest heat:

Christian Mascagni and Rudy Switchblade

Taryn Shay's low blow to Benny

Nick Dinsmore

Upcoming event
OVW Saturday Night Special
at The Davis Arena (4400 Shepherdsville Road)
Tickets: $12
Bell time: 7:30

Matches signed:
OVW Heavyweight Championship: Rudy Switchblade (champion) vs. Mike Mondo

OVW Women's Championship: Lady JoJo (champion) vs. Taeler Hendrix

OVW Southern Tag Team Championships: The Elite (champions) vs. Lennox Norris and James "Moose" Thomas

Jason Wayne vs. Nick Dinsmore

Cliff Compton vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez

Christopher Silvio (w/ Mo Green & Taryn Shay) vs. Benny Bray

Rocco Bellagio ws. Raul LaMotta

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