11/30 Heavy on Wrestling results: Mad Dog Vachon tribute featuring former AWA stars, TNA's Mr. Anderson replaces Perry Saturn, Rikishi and Renny D vs. Ariya Daivari and Armando Estrada

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Dec 1, 2013 - 10:10 AM

Heavy on Wrestling
South Saint Paul, MN at SSP High School
Report by Dot Net Member Chris Ketchmark

An estimated 500 in attendance.

1. Ryan Genesis and Scot Summers (The Kingz of The Underground) over Ben Sailer and Horace the Psychopath. Heel team Genesis and Summers won in ten minutes with a Demolition type finisher on Horace when he was abandoned by Ben Sailer in an apparent heel turn.

2. Dan Jesser (w/Ken Patera) beat Ox (w/Clutch). Jesser rolled up a distracted Ox when Patera put Clutch in the full nelson at ringside in 8 minutes. Jesser won in 8 minutes. Jesser was sporting a Mr. Perfect like singlet looking very much like Michael Bolton.

3. Arik Cannon beat Luke Hawx. Cannon rolled up Hawx in 14 minutes following interference from Horace the Psychopath

4. Darin Corbin defeated Pete Huge. Corbin beat Huge with a Twist of Fate in 11 minutes.

5. Mr. Ken Anderson over Mitch Paradise. Mr. Anderson won with the Mic Check in 18 minutes. Lots of stalling. Worst match of the night.

6. Rikishi and Renny D defeated H.O.W. Undisputed Champion Ariya Daivari and Armando Estrada. D and Rikishi won when Rikishi hit a sit down splash on Daivari in 18 minutes. Estrada got the stink face leading to the finish. Post match saw Rikishi dance with a ring full of kids.

Notes: Also in attendance were Stan "Crusher" Kowalski and Kenny "Sodbuster" Jay. Ken Anderson was a replacement for Perry Saturn. Patera was advertised as challenging anyone in the locker room to an arm wrestling match but this did not happen. Prior to the show, the wrestlers surrounded the ring and ten bell salute was done to honor the passing of Mad Dog Vachon.

Personal observations included Rkishi selling 8x10s for ten bucks and doing pretty good business. Patera was signing autographs but seemed disinterested and aloof, spending more time on his cell phone. Kenny Jay was very friendly, as was Stan Kowalski. During intermission, Kowalski was doing slight of hand tricks with a dollar bill for a young fan, very funny and sweet of him. Although frail, Stan was very cordial and posed for pictures.

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