11/25 Resistance Pro: Creative director Billy Corgan's promotion debuts featuring former WWE wrestler Harry "D.H." Smith vs. Kevin Steen, The Briscoes vs. Teddy Hart and Gran Akuma, Colt Cabana vs. Necro Butcher vs. Petey Williams

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Nov 26, 2011 - 01:01 AM

Resistance Pro
Chicago, Ill.
Report by Dot Net reader Aniviel

Announcer Joel Gertner did a good job getting the crowd ready for the first match. It was announced that The Sheik, El Generico, Kevin Steen, and Harry Smith are all eligible for the title.

1. The Sheik beat El Generico. Lots of smack talk from SteenĀ about who is going to have and walk away with the heavyweight title. The match was even throughout between the two until Steen dominated toward the end with some near falls. There was no room to move in this venue, but that didn't stop Generico from diving over the ropes onto Steen. In the end with Steen distracting him, Sheik put Generico in a choke and got the win.

2. Kyle O'Reilly and Tony Kozina defeated Frightmare and Matt Classic. Frightmare tried to tag his partner in but he wasn't paying attention. He was too busy flexing his muscles.
Kozima and Kyle did an awesome job of working together working together, whereas Frightmare's partner never tagged in. Also, a shout out to Tim and Doug who guessed that the masked partner was Colt Cabana. Frightmare tapped out.

3. Jay Bradley defeated Icarus. Icarus was thrown to the mat right away. Bradley did a few hits across the chest and that's all she wrote. He threw Icarus upside down and pinned him.

4. The Briscoes defeated Teddy Hart and Gran Akuma. The Briscoes came out with their new hot (according to my husband) female manager. The most I can say for this match is big Briscoe boots were flying everywhere. They know how to entertain. Hart climbed the ropes to the second balcony. The Briscoes brought him down and they both landed hard. Teddy came in out of nowhere and brought some Hart family moves and knocked both brothers down. Finally, the Briscoes pinned Akuma for three. Hart puked on the mat at the end.

5. Melanie Cruz won a gauntlet match. Cheerleader Melissa, Sassy Stephanie, Taylor Made, Serenity, and Simply Luscious were also in the match. One by one, the girls got into the ring. The crowd seemed more into this women's match than I've seen at other shows. All the girls ganged up on a guy who dressed as a girl and claimed he deserved the women's title. The winner was Melanie Cruz, who looked like the bartender. She came out of nowhere and pinned Melissa.

6. Petey Williams (w/Tony Zozina) beat Colt Cabana and Necro Butcher in a three-way. All three of them were fooling around and showing off in the ring at first. Highly amusing match, just as you would expect from anything involving Cabana. Butcher threw down the barrier sideways to throw Petey onto it and ended it up on it himself. Cabana almost won when Kyle O'Reilly came and pushed him over. Finally, Petey got the win, but he was upset with O'Reilly for interfering in the match.

7. Kevin Steen fought Harry Smith to a draw. Nice exchange of barbs back and forth. Steen seemed to control the barbs and moves for awhile. Steen performed a backbreaker more than once. They exchanged head butts, then Harry suplexed Steen off the top rope.

Harry then repeatedly punched him to a ten count in the face. Harry put him in the sharpshooter and Steen was going to tap, but the time limit was reached and the bell rang. The owners gave them five more minutes. Harry had him in a Sharpshooter again and Steen didn't tap. It was a draw to be continued at the next event. Steen said he fulfilled his contract so he isn't wrestling again. Sheik came down and started beating on Harry, but they all just left the ring.

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