11/17 Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 2: Zim's in-person report of Eddie Edwards and Biff Busick's 5-star ironman match, Tommaso Ciampa vs. Chris Dickinson, Michael Elgin vs. Jaka, PWG's Candice LeRae, and much more

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Nov 18, 2013 - 05:18 PM

Beyond Wrestling Tournament For Tomorrow 2
Providence, RI at Fete Music
Report by Dot Net staffer Zack Zimmerman

The crowd was slightly larger than the crowd at the last show, probably about 300 in attendance. They were hot throughout the entire afternoon and really showed that the difference between a great show and a special show is how the crowd responds. This show was special. Beyond is quickly becoming the pro wrestling destination on the East Coast.

1. Jon Silver beat Matthew Palmer, Rory Mondo, and David Starr in a four-way. Silver won with a cut-throat crossface submission. Pretty hot opener with a few big spots that really got the crowd up.

2. Lexxus beat Jewells Malone. Competent but unspectacular match. Lexxus won with a rolling DDT.

3. Team Tremendous won a 10-team tag team gauntlet. The other teams involved were the M1nute Men, Da Hoodz, The Contingent, Fear and Loathing in New England, The Wingmen, Tabernak De Team, Johnny Cockstrong and Oleg the Usurper, The Crusade for Change, and Devastation Corporation. Good, quick action throughout this one with tons of double-team spots. At one point, Anthony Stone came out and blasted Nicholas Kaye with unprotected chairshots; good feud integration, but dreadfully indieriffic refusal to put up a hand.

4. Michael Elgin over Jaka. Good match that Elgin won with the Elgin Bomb. Jaka showed far more charisma and ability here than I've seen from him in the past, and Elgin goes out to steal the show in every match.

20 minute intermission. It was announced that they would be returning to Fete Music on Sunday, February 16.

5. Christina Von Eerie beat Allysin Kay. CVE won with a cut-throat bow and arrow. This match was sloppy at points and went longer than it probably should have.

6. Biff Busick beat Eddie Edwards 1-0 in a 60 minute ironman match. This was the most exceptional match I've ever had the opportunity to watch in person. I'm not a proponent of star ratings, but I wouldn't hesitate for an instant to call this "five stars." This is a must-see match that never dragged, never lost the crowd, and never felt like too much. I happened to be standing next to Biff's grandmother, who was as wildly vocal and into the match as any fan I've ever seen; it was tremendous. Biff got the only fall of the match about 55 minutes in with a super German suplex. Post-match, Biff's promo cryptically hinted that there may be bigger things ahead for Eddie. This match cannot be overlooked as the front runner for U.S. Match of the Year.

20 minute intermission. It was announced that they would also be returning to Fete Music on March 16.

7. Kimber Lee over Candice LeRae Good showing from the ladies here. The crowd wasn't as receptive as I would've hoped, but it was a treat to see Candice LeRae and the Ballsplex out East. Lee got the win with a rollup combination.

8. Buxx Belmar beat Eric Corvis. This match was fun but disgusting. "Dirty" Buxx's offense consists largely of spitting, snotting, and puking on his opponent. The gag of the night goes to Buxx for collecting spit from fans at ringside in his hand, then drinking it in the middle of the ring. Buxx got the win with an inverted power slam. After the match, Corvis lost his mind on the fans for chanting "nice gears, dick" in reference to his steampunk gear.

9. Chris Dickinson defeated Tommaso Ciampa. This was a brutally stiff brawl that saw both guys beat the hell out of each other. The big high-spot was a suplex off the stage onto the crowd. There were several other wrestlers there to break the fall, but at least one or two fans were limping away afterwards. Ciampa unfortunately used an anti-gay epithet against a member of the crowd, though I'd imagine afterwards he realized it was a choice made in poor taste. Dickinson won with a pumphandle piledriver in a match that would've been a MotN contender on any other show. Post-match, Dickinson put Ciampa over before Jaka came out and blew green mist into Ciampa's face. Dickinson joined forces with Jaka and they beat Ciampa down until Michael Elgin made the save, likely setting up a tag match down the line.

10. JT Dunn beat Green Ant to win the Tournament for Tomorrow 2. Dunn got the win with a rolling elbow after a great back-and-forth match. Both guys looked to be in better shape than I've ever seen them in, and if not for the 60 minute gem earlier, this would've been the other top contender for match of the night.

Notes: This was another fantastic event from Beyond Wrestling. It was a long afternoon, running about 5 hours with two intermissions, but the crowd really brought it the entire show and the talent didn't allow the fans to lose steam. I questioned how a 60 minute match would turn out and feared that it was just too long. I was wrong and it was stellar. This was one of the best shows I've attended and as I've been writing, Beyond Wrestling's stock is rapidly on the rise. I would put this show on a very exclusive list of absolutely must-see events. Whether it the DVD or VOD, find a way to see this show.

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