11/12 Ohio Valley Wrestling Saturday Night Special results: New OVW Women's Champion crowned, Mike Mondo vs. OVW Champion Rudy Switchblade

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Nov 13, 2011 - 10:55 AM

Report via Jason Saint.

1. Paredyse defeated Jamin Olivencia. Paredyse won via a crucifix roll-up pinfall.

2. Jason Wayne, Randy Terrez, Dylan Bostic, Elvis Pridemoore, and Joe Coleman defeated Dre Blitz, Marcus Anthony (with Christian Mascagni), Andrew Patton, James Onnoo, and "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer. Jason Wayne gave Dre Blitz the Full Nelson Slam for the pinfall victory. After the match, Marcus Anthony beat up his team.

3. Christopher Silvio (with "Money" Mo Green and Taryn Shay) defeated Benny Bray. Silvio won by the schoolboy pinfall after several distractions from ringside.

4. Shiloh Jonze defeated Tony Gunn by disqualification. Originally, Gunn scored the win by pinfall, but when "Smooth" Johnny Spade came out and informed the referee that Gunn had loaded his stuffed "Ralphie" bear with a brick and hit Shiloh, referee Josh Sumpter reversed the decision.

5. Taeler Hendrix defeated Lady JoJo. Hendrix by pinfall following the SplitKick to become the new OVW Women's Champion.

6. Cliff Compton defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez. Compton by pinfall following a Punch 'Em In The Balls, after a flag was carried to the ring by the returning Bin Hamin, Ali Vaez' former manager. Hamin attacked Compton, but was thrown out of the ring by Michael Hayes, who returned to everyone's surprise, attacked Ali, and helped Compton score the pin.

7. Alex Silva defeated Rocco Bellagio (with James "Moose" Thomas and Christopher Bolin).Silva by pinfall following the Silva Surfer to retain the OVW Television Championship. During the match, Raul LaMotta taunted Rocco from the stands, distracting him.

8. The Elite defeated James "Moose" Thomas and Lennox Norris (with Rocco Bellagio and Christopher Bolin)The Elite by pinfall following a distraction from Raul LaMotta.

9. Mike Mondo defeated OVW Heavyweight Champion Rudy Switchblade (with Christian Mascagni).Mondo won by pinfall following a reversed frogsplash by Switchblade into the Gut Check by Mondo. After the match, Mascagni distracted Mondo and Rudy attacked him from behind, eventually hanging Mondo off the side of the ring by a hangman's noose.

Biggest Pops:
1) Michael Hayes' return.
2) Taeler Hendrix winning the OVW Women's Championship.
3) Mike Mondo defeating Rudy Switchblade / the match in general.

Biggest Heat:
1) Rudy hanging Mondo off the side of the ring.
2) Bin Hamin attacking Cliff Compton.
3) Tony Gunn hitting Shiloh with the loaded bear.

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