10/8 CHIKARA "Klunk in Love" in Kingsport, TN: Final prelim matches for the 12 Large Summit Toutnament, and Sara Del Rey vs. Most Dangerous Kana

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Oct 10, 2011 - 11:15 AM

Dot Net Reader Brian Owens attended CHIKARA's "Klunk in Love" in Kingsport, TN on October 8 and sent along the following report.

First off, I will say that this was a very good show! Very chaotic at times, which I will get to, but a great show!

1. Archibald Peck (w/Colt Cabunny and Veronica) defeated Chase Owens Chase is a local guy from my hometown of Bristol, Va. 5 minutes into the match the bottom ring rope broke completely off! Every match until intermission was wrestled with just the top and middle rope in place. Peck went over as Cabunny distracted the referee, Veronica handed the baton to Peck and nailed Owens with it.

2. 12 Large Summit tournament match Hallowicked defeated Ophidian. This match started with a lot of technical catch as catch can wrestling as you would expect from two babyfaces. Things picked up towards the end though and in a good match, Hallowicked picked up the victory. Good hard stiff match towards the end.

3. Team FIST (Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano and Icarus) defeated The Batiri (Obariyon, Kobald and Kodama) A relatively short match. Chuck Taylor still scares kids which is just pure gold! A good comedy spot early in the match when all six guys were pulling each other's hair and Chuckie T was screaming like a little girl. FIST won with their triple team finisher.

4. The Colony (Fire Ant and Soldier Ant) defeated Team Osaka Pro (Kotoge and Harada). A very good and stiff match. Not sure which Osaka Pro guy is which, but one of them hit Fire Ant with a sick, vile headbutt that could be heard throughout the whole arena. Nasty! The Colony pick up the win here. Good 3 - 3.5 star match.

Intermission in which the bottom rope was replaced

5. 12 Large Summit tournament match Jigsaw defeated Ultramantis Black. Very basic match between these two who have wrestled each other probably 100 times over the years. Jigsaw got the win here and Mantis was visibly distraught as was I, since Mantis is my favorite CHIKARA wrestler. After this match it was announced by Gavin Loudspeaker that Eddie Kingston and Mike Quackenbush will meet in Philadelphia on the High Noon PPV on November 13 on Go Fight Live for the 12 Large Summit Grand Championship.

6. Green Ant, Mike Quackenbush, Eddie Kingston and Sugar Dunkerton vs. Die Bruderschaft (Tim Donst, Jacob Hammermeier, Delirious and Tursas). Chaotic Atomicos match! About 10 minutes in, Tursas was running the ropes and the damn middle rope broke completely off and Tursas took a nasty spill to the outside! I was very scared that he was seriously hurt, but he got up and continued the match. Eventually Green Ant and Tursas were fighting on the outside and I missed the finish on the inside in which Donst got the pin. Green Ant and Tursas continued to fight after the match and threw trash cans and chairs at one another! Great heat and intensity and I would expect a huge blowoff match at the PPV between these two!

7. Sara Del Ray defeated Kana. First off, I couldn't believe that a women's match was given the main event. But, OH MY GOD! Did this match deliver or what?! Any play by play or commentary I could give this match would not do it justice. Think Samoa Joe vs. Kenta Kobashi, only women as the participants. This match was THAT good. Fast paced, kicks with vicious intentions. Sara won and was drenched with sweat and had visible welts on her face afterwards. Kana was also wore completely out. Crowd was standing and cheering madly as this match wound down, I cannot say enough good stuff about this match. I may not be the best at reviewing matches, but I would easily give this match 4.5 stars. I can't wait for the DVD from Smart Mark Video to have a second look at this. Great stuff!

Final thoughts: A great and lively crowd tonight! I was worried about how many people in this area had actually heard of CHIKARA and followed the product. I'm not sure if this area was just starved for some fantastic wrestling, because face it... we haven't had good wrestling around here since the Smoky Mountain Wrestling days. Most of the fans I talked to did follow the product and knew the wrestlers. I'm not sure if they were locals like me though or people that travel with the company. I loved the show and I really REALLY hope CHIKARA comes back to the tri cities area.

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