10/5 PWX in Charlotte, N.C. results: ROH Champion Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy, Caleb Konley vs. Ric Converse for the PWX Title, Eddie Edwards vs. Cedric Alexander, Reby Sky vs. Amber O'Neal

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Oct 6, 2012 - 10:50 AM

PWX Presents: An Evil Twist of Fate
Charlotte, N.C.
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1. Steven Walters defeated Billy Brash via sub with a crossface.

2. Alex Verignos and Adam Page defeated Mr.Elite Drew Myers and Steve Corino via DQ when Thomas Simpson interfered.

3. Chiva Kid won a Six Pack Challenge for a future PWX Title shot. Kid won by pinning Huffman with shooting star press. The other wrestlers included Zane Riley, Ernie Osiris, Brady Peirce, William 'The Hammer' Robinson. Craig Huffman jumped Zane Riley post match and cuts his signature beard.

4. Amber O'Neal defeated Reby Sky. O'Neal won after blowing fairy dust in her face and hitting the X-Factor.

5. The Great Outdoors (Jake Manning & Grizzly Redwood) and Lodi defeated John Skyler and Generation Kill (Corey Hollis & Chip Day) in a six-man bunkhouse tag match. Manning DVD'd Chip Day off the apron onto Corey Hollis through a table to give his team the win.

Patrick Price and Kirby Mack of Pro Wrestling Evo entered in the PWX ring. Patrick says that PWX may have won the battle but not the war. Mack and Price exited the ring.

6. Eddie Edwards defeated Cedric Alexander with a half crab.

John Skyler, Steven Walters, Corey Hollis, and Chip Day are now known as 4-Ever after they attack Lodi, who came out to talk to the crowd

7. Caleb Konley defeated Ric Converse to retain the PWX Title via submission.

Kevin Steen was said to be a little bit more over with the crowd than Hardy during the entrances. A "He's not Jeff" chant got a "thank god" out of Steen.

8. Kevin Steen defeated Matt Hardy. Hardy was declared the winner by DQ at one point due to a low blow but the match was restarted because Matt wouldn't accept the win. It became a No DQ match.

Hardy hit the Twist of Fate after three chairshots to the back, but Steve Corino pulled the referee out. Hardy was hit with a kendo stick but Reby Sky came out to break it up. Steen performed a Package Piledriver on Reby. When Matt checked on her, Steen rolled him up for the win.

Estimated Attendance: 200

The return date is November 30 at the Neighborhood Theatre with Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, Adam Cole, and Davey Richards.

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