Kester's Blog: Quick thoughts on the current state of mainstream professional wrestling

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May 30, 2012 - 04:15 PM

By Ryan Kester

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 – 4:15 P.M. (CT)


- A lot of my ire about the John Cena vs. Big Show feud stems from how John Cena has overshadowed the WWE Championship at every single PPV this year. While that is not Cena's fault, it certainly does not excite me to know that Big Show vs. John Cena is going to be billed above yet another WWE Championship match.

- The rest of my ire stems from the way the Cena and Laurinaitis feud feels like it had several months' worth of build off-screen. The intensity and hatred these two have been forced to try and convey just doesn't fit what the WWE audience has seen, and it detracts from the entire feud.

-Three hours of Raw, with the current writing staff of the WWE, is going to make for some long, brutal evenings.

- Still, the current focus on new talent over at Smackdown gives me hope. There's a lot of potential in guys like Damien Sandow, and a great deal of my personal satisfaction from professional wrestling at the moment is watching some new hands work their craft.


- Sting showed a fire and intensity that was missing from him before, so it's easier to accept seeing another old wrestler getting the focus on TNA. Still, he cannot hold that energy up for long in the ring, so I hope TNA has a clear plan with what to do with him when he faces Bobby Roode.

- We're only two months in, but I have already lost almost all interest in Open Fight Night. It reeks of an idea TNA presented before figuring out the final details, and the type of insider they are going with to try and get the concept over has had a negative impact on the show for this viewer.

- It's wonderful to see Bobby Roode getting some credible wins. Keep it up, TNA.

- Overall, there really isn't a lot about TNA's current stories that have captured my imagination. Of note, only the Abyss/Joseph park storyline is really intriguing, and I question whether or not that will persist once they get to Abyss being back and being Abyss.

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