Kester's WWE Survivor Series Rundown: Three NXT veterans make their debut, Ziggler gets the spotlight, and Sheamus beats Big Show with a chair

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Nov 19, 2012 - 01:25 PM

By Ryan Kester

CM Punk vs. Ryback vs. John Cena

Tis match far and above exceeded my expectations. All three men worked a great pace, and I loved the ending of the match. It managed to give Punk more heat, made Ryback look while a beast while simultaneously giving him and out for the loss, and it gave a vehicle for three fresh faces to make their debut.

While this could easily turn into a Nexus rehash giving the NXT name drop, I am looking forward to seeing what this new group is about. Dean Ambrose is a great talker and Seth Rollins can wrestle circles around the majority of the current roster. I'm not sure where this group will go from here, but the idea of pairing these three men together is an exciting one.

Survivor Series Traditional Tag

Another solid match towards the top of the card. Everyone involved got a little bit of time to shine, and the Miz managed to have a few babyface moments and he received a warm reaction from the crowd.

Ultimately, I went into this match expecting to see Ziggler get the spotlight and that's exactly what happened. Every man had their moment, but Ziggler's was the one viewers were left with as the dust settled.

Big Show vs. Sheamus

I enjoyed this match. Big Show seems to have breathed new life into his character with this latest run, and Sheamus is finally showing the intensity that helped get him over in the first place.

I was perfectly alright with the finish considering this felt like the midway point f a feud rather than the time for a payoff. It put some heat on Show while still giving Sheamus a reason to have another match next month, likely a chair match if Sheamus' beat down was any indication.

Overall Show

Survivor Series was a solid effort. The undercard on the show felt like anything one could have seen on any given Raw, but the top of the card made the show feel like the big event that Survivor Series is. If nothing else, this show set up some enticement to have viewers pay attention tomorrow night when they could be worrying about holiday plans and shopping, so that's always a plus.

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