Kester's WWE Raw Rundown: Undertaker returns, The Wyatt family attacks John Cena, and The Shield continue to show signs of dissent

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Feb 26, 2014 - 11:18 AM

By Ryan Kester

Undertaker and Brock Lesnar

No matter how many years it happens, the inevitable Undertaker return has not lost its impact. WrestleMania season will be considerably less once Undertaker decides to permanently wrap it up.

Undertaker's pairing with Brock Lesnar is not as exciting as the more recent WrestleManias, but WWE started the feud off hot with a great contract signing segment. Lesnar played his role well with his cocky demeanor until Undertaker "stabbed" his hand and chokeslammed him.

Bray Wyatt and John Cena

Every time Bray Wyatt is shown, he demands attention. Monday was no different, as Wyatt delivered a memorable promo describing the reason for him to go after Cena and the more calculated approach to his group's assault on Cena helped to set him apart from the typical group beat down that we usually see.

The worry with this feud, naturally, is that it comes too soon for Wyatt. His act is just beginning to catch fire, and a feud with Cena can easily undo that hard work if Cena dominates the man at WrestleMania. The injured Cena approach has me intrigued, but if WWEis not careful, it could only heighten the damage done to Wyatt whenever he eventually suffers a loss to Cena.

The Shield

While WWE elected to keep the actual story progression for The Shield's story to a minimum, it was great to see the group featured in such a prominent spot on the card. These three men have been doing some excellent work over the past year, and in a time when WWE is doubling down on old acts, the sight of newcomers being so prominently featured is a welcome one.

Reigns continues to impress with how he is taking the push he's being handed and rising to the occasion. He put in another great performance against Bray Wyatt and has been coming across as an agile brute.

Rollins, much like Reigns, seems poised to explode as a babyface when WWE decides to pull the trigger and split the group. With luck, WWE will manage to keep the storyline partnership between Reigns and Rollins intact. Ambrose is doubling down as a heel figure while both Reigns and Rollins are showing true babyface potential.

Overall Show

This week's Raw was entertaining. I went in expecting a white hot show for the Network's launch and while we weren't treated to such an evening, the wrestling was well done and the foundation for WrestleMania is beginning to be laid.

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