Kester's WWE Raw Rundown: Jerry Lawler's heart attack, Night of Champions go-home show

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Sep 11, 2012 - 05:12 PM

By Ryan Kester

Jerry Lawler

Normally I would highlight the things I felt WWE wanted viewers to remember about a show, but with what happened to Jerry Lawler on last night's Raw, that suddenly feels extremely unimportant. WWE did a good job of trying to keep the show going once Lawler's heart attack occurred, but a cloud hung over the rest of the broadcast, which was heightened by Cole's decision to remain silent. I'm not knocking him for that decision, I thought Cole was a pure class act in what had to be a gut-wrenching time for him, but it did serve as a constant reminder of what had happened. I was relieved by the time the show was over so I could catch up on the news surrounding Lawler and make sure he was ok.

My thoughts and prayers remain with Lawler at this time and I am glad that this tragedy managed to happen where it did so he could receive immediate medical attention. I hope Lawler has a speedy recovery and we here nothing but good news from this point forward.

Overall Show

Looking past the infinitely more important occurrence on last night's show the content we were given was lacking. WWE really phoned in the go home show for Night of Champions and we didn't get a hard sell for the PPV until well into the overrun of the show. WWE needs to step up their game if they expect people to part with their dollars in the coming months. I remain flabbergasted that CM Punk vs. John Cena lacks the big fight feel that the feud should have after their stellar performance last year. Cena did an excellent job trying to make it feel important in the show's final minutes, but that was far too little far too late.

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