Kester's WWE Raw Rundown: CM Punk squares off with Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan and Kane continue to bicker while remaining successful

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Oct 9, 2012 - 05:38 PM

By Ryan Kester

CM Punk and Ryback

Once again, CM Punk stood as the center piece of the show and he delivered one of the more memorable exchanges with an established character that we've seen in recent weeks. This week's counterweight was Mr. McMahon, and he and Punk worked masterfully together to deliver some highly entertaining television.

I like the idea of Punk picking an injured John Cena to face at Hell in a Cell. It gets Ryback out of the match without a loss, and Ryback gets to keep the massive momentum these few weeks of being paired with a white hot Punk have given him. For those that complained about Punk's turn, this is where he can make a lot of money for WWE and really bring guys rocketing up the card.

Kane and Daniel Bryan

I am still enjoying the dynamic of Team Hell No. Their chemistry is palpable and there have been few things that have made me laugh so readily on WWE programming as the interactions between these two have. I simply wish WWE would give them more than the "I am the tag team champions!" bit.

The true value in this team is what it does for the rest of the tag division. Team Hell No won't be around for forever, but they are at least giving rub to a slew of undercard wrestlers stuck in the tag division simply by being at the helm of said division.

Overall Show

Had last night's show been two hours long, it would have been dammed near perfect. The writing was solid for the first two hours, the pacing superb, and if it all ended around hour two with the conclusion we got from this show, then I would be hailing this show as a success. Instead, WWE gave me another reason to think that the three hour format is a detriment as the painful King spot in the third hour, along with generally uninspiring and boring material compared to the rest of the show, left me feeling exhausted like I am every single week on Raw.

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