Kester's WWE Raw Rundown: Big Show knocks out Triple H, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton continue to be background players in their own feud, and John Cena's return is announced

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Oct 8, 2013 - 03:48 PM

By Ryan Kester

Big Show

Big Show finally having enough and standing up to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H made for a good character moment. The show-ending spot of Show knocking out Triple H woke the live crowd up more than anything else that evening and made for a good pop.

The issue, however, is that it makes no sense. Very little has changed in the last few weeks that would have shoved Big Show over the edge. Show already attacked Bryan repeatedly, who WWE quickly tried to convince us was an old buddy of Show's, and then Show knocked out Dusty Rhodes. The time for a big moment of standing up had long since passed, and while Big Show finally correcting course and standing up for himself more for a big moment, it was a moment that is ultimately wasted.

The focus on Big Show on raw and at Battleground completely took away from the main story of the feud between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, and I simply can't see the benefit of this move. Bryan's momentum is being used as a means of helping to get Big Show over as a relevant act, rather than WWE taking that momentum and using it towards a simple and solid story that focusing on the man that is creating said momentum.

Shawn Michaels returning to referee Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

When WWE first announced that the Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship would contain a special guest referee, I immediately checked out of the build for Hell in a Cell. Nothing could herald another screwjob finish more than bringing in another outside influence into the feud; especially after the heel authority figures already used referee shenanigans to justify the current championship abeyance.

There's been a lot to enjoy about the new heel authority regime. It's allowed a shakeup on the card and a chance for new babyface acts to rise up the card. It also provided Bryan with a chance to be the star on the main storyline. However, WWE has quickly gotten away from that and devoted far too much of its time to a story revolving around Big Show that has, for two nights straight, taken precedent over the WWE Championship feud.

The situation is by no means irreparable, but when your focus is on a man that is nowhere near the championship picture while one of the hottest acts in years is chasing for the belt, then something is certainly broken.

John Cena

While it is surprising to hear John Cena is returning so soon after surgery, it is nice to see him slated to go after the World Heavyweight Championship. The WWE title picture is already overly crowded with moving parts, and the WHC could use some of the added prestige of one of WWE's biggest acts propping up the tile. I am assuming Cena will have a successful return and be holding the belt in short order.

For Del Rio's sake, I hope WWE keeps up his dominant heel act whenever they do move the belt off of him. He's come a long way in recent months with his more aggressive character, and it would be a shame if all of that work went into feeding him to a babyface act that couldn't be more established with the WWE audience. I have no issue with a Cena WHC reign, but I really hope it isn't at the permanent expense of one of WWE's few credible heels.

Overall Show

Overall, last night's show left a lot to be desired. Many of the stories coming out of Battleground had no satisfying followup, and the direction WWE is taking the feud between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton does little to impress.

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