Kester's WWE Raw Rundown: A disappointing show featuring CM Punk mocking Undertaker with the urn, Triple H agreeing to put his career on the line, and Ryback getting his own WrestleMania opponent

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Mar 19, 2013 - 11:00 AM

By Ryan Kester

Undertaker and CM Punk

I'm at a weird place with this feud. I can easily recognize that with the chosen direction they decided to go they are doing well, but I can't help but wish they didn't choose to capitalize on the passing of Paul Bearer. Punk did excellent work tonight, but they're walking a fine and easily uncomfortable line with the story.

That being said, they're selling this match primarily on giving fans a chance to see someone tear into Punk for all of the crap he's talking and they are doing it well. It's not the path I would have chosen if I were at the helm, but it's the path they chose and they're going all out with it.

I will say this, when the hype for this match started I was extremely excited. Now, I'm still excited to see the eventual match, but I'm not as excited to see the build.

Triple H and Brock Lesnar

Goodness, this segment took forever. The payoff was worth the wait, but it took a lot of patience to get there and after a three hours show like we got, this went on far too long.

Still, the closing moments of the segment were handled well and Heyman was fantastic as he made the stipulation announcement. I'm not a huge fan of putting Triple H's career on the line as it seems to give away the result of the match, but it could be made interesting if they play it right. It's no secret that Triple H is taking on more responsibilities with the company, so there is a possibility that this could be his retirement match. A slight possibility, but a possibility nonetheless.

Ryback and Mark Henry

I'm not normally so keen on the yearly WrestleMania giant's match, but something about this feud has me hooked. Both men have been treated like a legitimate threats, so it gives some question to how WWE is going to handle the showdown.

If I had to guess, I can see WWE going with Ryback. It could make for a huge moment for him, especially if he can pull off Shellshocked on Henry without an issue. I have been enjoying the Ryback character in the recent months, and he seems primed to get into the World Heavyweight Championship picture soon. Still, I kind of want to see this feud go on for a bit past WrestleMania, if for no other reason than to delay the gratification of his fans for that championship run until later in the year.

Overall Show

Last night's show had its moments, but the pacing on Raw is still abysmal. The first half of the show was outright boring and it took a while before WWE really got things into a higher gear. Normally this close to WrestleMania I am extremely hyped for the big event and in a way I still am, but WWE has got to hit the ground running next week and have two hot shows before the big event.

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