Kester's WWE Raw Rundown: A disappointing show featuring CM Punk getting screwed, Daniel Bryan and Kane hugging, and an undercard that is in desperate need of some attention

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Sep 18, 2012 - 04:42 PM

By Ryan Kester

CM Punk and John Cena

CM Punk appears to be heading into the zone of wrestlers getting screwed over by referees, and I kind of hope that doesn't hold up. Punk talking about respect and being a jerk is great, but when he has a credible thing to complain about it hurts his act considerably.

It's fairly obvious that the end game is still Cena getting a rematch for the belt in a Cell and I am looking forward to seeing that develop. I just hope WWE focuses more on the feud between the two men rather than giving legitimacy to Punk's talk that he's being screwed in some capacity.

Daniel Bryan and Kane

Bryan and Kane did their best, but they didn't have as strong of a reaction as they have been getting as of late. I hope that's because they were before a somewhat limp crowd rather than a sign of the act losing steam, as they are easily one of the most entertaining aspects of WWE's current product.

I enjoyed seeing the Primetime Players drop their silliness. Back when I covered NXT for the site, I noted that Titus seems perfectly at home in the intense heel persona, and I hope this is a sign that WWE is getting back to that and away from this "millions of dollars" and terrible entrance music crap. The Players, if they keep up what they did last night, could be a fun foil to the over the top antics of Bryan and Kane.


Something that became blatantly apparent to me last night, WWE has plenty of fresh faces or fresh directions for their existing characters in the undercard, but they are not telling stories with them at all. WWE is simply putting those same guys out every week and having them wrestle throwaway matches and then they wonder why things aren't sticking.

It's a shame to see this as I genuinely enjoy a few of the acts. Barrett is now a rare pure striker in wrestling, and he seems more comfortable with that role than he did with his previous style and lackluster finisher. Damien Sandow can work a crowd into a frenzy if they would only give him a feud, and Ryback has shown a lot of potential yet has been relegated to jobber killing for the past few months. Of the names listed, only Ryback seems ready to go into a program, yet this one is merely with a jobber that also happens to hold a belt. WWE has capable talent at their disposal, and it's frustrating to see them squander it and produce such lackluster television when they could be booking consistently solid shows if they only tried.

Overall Show

Last night's show was boring. WWE didn't want to try telling too many stories right after a PPV, and I can respect that, but it made for pretty poor television.

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