Kester's TNA No Surrender Rundown: Jeff Hardy wins the Bound For Glory Series, Bobby Roode returns to attack James Storm, and Aces and Eights makes their presence felt

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Sep 10, 2012 - 12:15 AM

By Ryan Kester

Jeff Hardy wins the Bound For Glory Series

This was an interesting decision on TNA's part. On one hand, Hardy and Aries can have one hell of a match together and it could easily produce a memorable Bound For Glory moment, but on the other, Hardy is the man that's received the least amount of buildup out of anyone I the series, and it feels like this is the least compelling of the possible stories to tell coming out of the BFGS.

There's still time for TNA to have Aces and Eights floor Hardy and award the number one contendership to Bully Ray as he was the runner up, but that would defeat the purpose of going through the series in the first place.

James Storm and Bobby Roode

I'm happy to see that we're getting back to the Bobby Roode and James Storm feud, but I wish it didn't come off the back of Storm losing in the semi-finals for the second year in a row. That beer bottle ending could have meant so much more if it screwed Storm just as he was about to win the entire series.

I hope TNA gets the build for this match correct. They haven't executed their best work with this feud in the past, and I really hope they don't blow an opportunity to tell a good story here by adding on an unnecessary addition to the feud.

Aces and Eights

We got more of the same from the invading faction, but I really don't expect we'll get much advancement in this story until a big Bound For Glory reveal.

The segments involving Hulk Hogan tonight continued the trend of bad we got from Hogan on Impact. Hogan can be good in small doses tailored to get a guy over. See Hogan's endorsement of Aries a few months back. When he's called on to act, however, things begin to fall apart, and that's exactly what happened last night.

Overall Show

Last night's show was alright. There was plenty of solid wrestling to be had, but it was a bit of a holding pattern PPV with Bound For Glory looming just over the horizon. It was worth the money spent, but it's nothing one will remember in a month's time.

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