Kester's TNA Impact Wrestling Rundown: Sting makes Bobby Roode tap again, Bully Ray and Joseph Park shine, and Dixie Carter tries to act

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Jun 8, 2012 - 03:37 PM

By Ryan Kester

Sting and Bobby Roode

The booking in this build has been terrible. While I am certain that when Slammiversary ends this Sunday Bobby Roode will still be the TNA Champion, the only thing that could allow him to recover he the heat he's lost the past two weeks is an outright brutal and dominating victory over Sting. Considering the history of the two men is that Sting made Roode tap twice and Roode won by taking Sting's finisher, I don't think that's a likely scenario.

TNA even had an opportunity to allow Roode to go into Sunday with some heat. Roode gave a phenomenal performance win a brief exchange with Hulk Hogan that gave him a lot of heat, only for that heat to dissipate moments later by Sting clearing Roode from the ring. Having the contender for the title is desirable, but not to the point that it cuts out any credibility the champion possesses. It's a fine line for bookers and writers to walk, but TNA crossed that line last night.

Based on the booking over the past few months, it appears to be that TNA is trying to book for Bobby Roode vs. James Storm at this year's Bound For Glory. If that's the case, then they need to give Roode some credibility before moving the title off of him or the switch will mean nothing. As it stands, if Roode lost his title this Sunday, his reign would have been a waste.

Bully Ray and Joseph Park

This was one of the few highlights for me last night. Park has been a great character the past few weeks, and Bully Ray continues to be one of the best things on professional wrestling television today.

My only real complaint about what transpired in this segment was the Abyss promo. It reminded me all too well the things that I disliked about that character, and no matter how long the Abyss gimmick has been off of my television, I was not the least bit excited to see it return. Park and ray have been great, but no amount of great there has been able to endear me to such a flawed gimmick.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian harass AJ Styles and Dixie Carter

The performances the past few weeks on the part of Carter and Styles, and the inclusion of Serge tonight, was what I feared would happen when Daniels and Kazarian finally made the reveal of the dirt they had on Styles. Simply put, the individuals called upon to act out such a dramatic angle do not have the abilities required to do so convincingly.

Carter ran into the same problem that Traci Brooks did when TNA ran her adultery story. There's no way for a person who cheated on their spouse to garner sympathy. There simply isn't, and the efforts on TNA's part to create that sympathy will

Overall Show

Last night's show simply wasn't entertaining. I wish there was a nicer way of putting that, but last night's show dragged and failed to sell me on the PPV this Sunday.

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